How to Grow Your Insta Followers?

Instagram has emerged as the ultimate social media platform for marketing and branding. For influencers, businesses, and startups, this is probably the most engaging visual medium to interact with the target audience. With one billion active monthly users, it makes sense why Instagram is so valuable for promotional needs, marketing, and to build a fan base. 

There are several ways to increase your Insta followers. Some are organic means, while you can also take help from services like ApexFollowers. In this post, we are sharing practical, easy ways to grow your account and increase number of followers. 

  1. Use the Repost app

Reposting videos and contents from other accounts gives considerable viewership to your own. What needs attention here is the kind of content you post. Instagram influencers and top brands like to have a unique voice for their account, and therefore, even with Repost, you need to be careful about what is in sync with your brand voice. 

  1. Create a narrative 

We just talked about having a unique voice for your Instagram account. You need a narrative that suits your account’s purpose. For instance, if you are a beauty blogger, your content needs to be about a certain niche – like organic beauty products, brand reviews and so on. Don’t try to be too many things at the same time. 

  1. Engage with similar accounts

Liking photos of other influencers and accounts that are similar to yours fosters great relationships. Give them a follow, post a genuine content, and you will see a surge in your own followers. Keep in mind that Instagram users want to find unique, fun content, and the first step for them is to discover an account. 

  1. Run a contest

At some point, you need to be spending on growing your Instagram account, and a simple idea would be to run a contest. Make rules like following your account is a must, or a Repost from your account is needed, and you can giveaway products, goodies that will make sense to the target audience. 

  1. Get some followers

There are services that can help you get High Quality Followers & Likes. Prices are pretty low, and you can choose to either get instant followers in large numbers, or automatic packages, where a certain number of followers are added to your account each day. 

Growing your Instagram account is easier than you think – Just plan it well from day one!