Perfect Case is Essential For the Surface Book 2

A case protects your notebook against claws, rain, falls and clumsy colleagues. It is important to choose a case in which you can safely store and transport your Surface book 2. In this article, you will read how to choose a case that fits your needs in 3 steps. Then you can also look for the Recommended Best Surface Book 2 Cases.

  1. Check the internal dimensions

You will not be able to store a 15-inch Surface book 2 in any 15-inch case. This is due to the varying sizes of covers and Surface book 2s. You will always have to compare the dimensions of your Surface book 2 with the internal dimensions of the cover. Thus, you will be sure that the new case will accommodate your device. Brand-specific Surface book 2 cases have been specifically designed for a range of Surface book 2s, such as Apple MacBook and Microsoft Surface. Since these covers are perfectly adapted to the device, they provide better protections than the universal covers.

  1. Determine the level of protection that the case needs to offer

With these covers, your Surface book 2 will be protected if you hit it against the corner of the table or the elbow of your neighbor, for example. In the event of a table or case falling down, these covers probably do not offer sufficient protection.

Protection against major shocks

With shock-absorbing rubber and special foam layers, these covers protect your Surface book 2 from heavy impacts and falls (up to a certain height). They are usually thoroughly tested by the manufacturers. We explicitly indicate in the product description when a case meets this requirement.

Splash resistance

If your case is the only layer of protection for your Surface book 2 when you transport it outside, it is better to choose a waterproof case (splash). These covers have a waterproof coating and the degree of protection is indicated by the corresponding IP certificate.

  1. Additional needs

Accessory storage space

Besides your Surface book 2, you probably want to bring other accessories. Do not have enough room in your case? A computer case with accessory compartment can be the solution. This way, you can also store your charger, your mouse and your USB keys. There are also covers with a special compartments for your tablets or smartphone, to store everything together.

Although today the vast majority of laptops sold remain in the same place as desktop computers, many people walk from the office to their home. In order to walk our essential ally while keeping a certain style, there are stylish protective covers . Very often, they are designed for apple computers, a reference in thin laptops from 11 to 15 inches.

Thus, several brands are taking advantage of the effervescence of portable technologies to design adapted accessories. This is particularly the case for the covers of MackBook et al. They have embarked on designing functional and elegant products. Clever details, storage pockets, noble materials, robustness and neat design are put forward.