Xtra-PC Review

As we all know, computer setups that were deemed some of the greatest a couple of years ago are now obsolete and barely functioning in comparison to configurations that have just come out. Even though ‘technology’ does not age well, there are things you can do to augment your PCs performance without spending thousands of dollars on upgrades. Let’s dive into the Xtra-PC review

What is Xtra PC?

Essentially, Xtra PC is a tiny USB contraption that is compatible with all PC setups and configurations. It’s a ‘boosting’ device that augments and enhances the performance and speed of your computer completely autonomously.

In a nutshell, this is a downscaled OS (Linux specifically) integrated on a smallish USB dive. Once put into a computer, Xtra PC goes beyond your pre-installed operating system while boosting your system’s speed dramatically.

Since Linux is, by definition, an open-source OS, it can be accessed (and even implemented) on physical data drives, such as USBs.

How does Xtra PC work?

The gist of Xtra PC’s operational method is ‘plug n’ play’. All you need to do is simply put it into your computer, and the magic begins.

It contains the Linux OS on its built-in storage with configurable parameters, so in that regard, you’ll have a stick with an additional operating system on it. You can use it however you like – if you need to boot your PC and configure some of the specs, you can just plug the Xtra PC in; you can use it simultaneously with your PC’s own OS. Your options are basically limitless.

Benefits of using Xtra PC

Think of it this way; what if you had the ability to run an additional operating system on your computer that is completely separate from the one that‘s already installed? Of course, this is possible and pretty easy for most programmers and coders, but a lot of people don’t possess the knowledge to achieve this form of OS-based duality.

Apart from bringing the obvious benefit of simplicity, Xtra PC gives you an ‘extra’ operating system ‘on the go’. You don’t need to install and uninstall Linux or Windows over and over whenever your system starts to lag or crash. You can even carry it with you and use it on other PCs.

Best of all, Xtra PC will not in any way tamper with your existing operating system, unless of course you are using the identical version of Linux. Its main method of operation relies on overwriting the files of your OS and running them on the Linux systems. This might present certain troubles if you don’t make backups every once in a while, though, so make sure you do that as often as possible.


Xtra PC is, in our humble opinion, well worth every single cent. In fact, it’s not even expensive, and it brings a plethora of benefits to the table. It’s remarkably easy to use, it’s very compact, and it is capable of turning an old, rusted PC into a fully-operational workhorse, so we advise you to at least take it into consideration.