Will a VPN protect you on a public Wi-Fi?

Every smart individual know that public Wi-Fi facilities are commonly unprotected, open and simple to hack.  When you use such Wi-Fi connection, your traffic level turns into visible to other users. As a result, every data you enter while using that Wi-Fi facility can be noticed by hackers. Hence, it is helpful to use a VPN service.

What is a VPN?

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a widely-used connection technique that helps to increase both privacy and security of public networks. A unique thing about VPN is that it use highly advanced protective tunnelling techniques and encryption protocols to encapsulate every internet-based data transfer. It is a key reason why corporations use VPN to protect their highly sensitive data. 

How does it work?

  • Hide the IP address 

When the user connects to the VPN, it will conceal the real IP address of a user.

  • Alter the IP address 

Another important function of a virtual private network is to provide a completely different IP address to the users.

  • Encrypt your data transfers

VPN can protect your privacy by encrypting your personal data.  It will reduce the possibilities of being hacked while transferring the data through public Wi-Fi

  • Mask the user’s location

You can get the ability to select the nation of origin for your internet connection by using the VPN service.

Will a VPN protect you on a public Wi-Fi?

Hacking and Wi-Fi spoofing are the common security threats faced by corporations, business professionals and other individuals. Due to this security concern, many people start to find and use VPN.  There are several choices available for selecting the VPN providers. NordVPN is a one kind of best VPN that bring people a peaceful mind while using public Wi-Fi.

It brings an encrypted and well-protected tunnel for your online traffic. This secure tunnel can ensure that no can see your online data. Along with this, it allows you to download torrent and watch Netflix from anywhere. Here are some other features that make this VPN a good choice for everyone as follow:

  • Highly protected internet connection
  • Fast connection
  •  High  privacy  support 
  • Uninterrupted streaming forever
  •  User friendly  access to VPN servers and service  from any where  

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