Why Is It Important To Know Who Is Following You And Who Is Not?

There are different reasons why it is essential to know who follows you and who does not follow you on your social networks.

To Study Your Community: Do you know what audience is interested in your content and what they are sharing / publishing?

To Know If Your Strategy Is Meeting Its Objectives: It will help you to see if you are publishing the right content to reach your target audience.

To Study Your Competition: Generally, if they are interested in your competition, they may also be interested in your company. Ask yourself these questions: Who are following your competition? Do they follow you too? What are they doing to reach them?

To Know The Interests Of Your Community: A good way to find out is to see if they are interacting with your publications and analyze how they are doing it as advised by muchfollowers.com.

To Measure Actions (Announcements, Events, Etc.): Have they interacted with them? Did you find it interesting?

To Increase The Quality Of Your Community: Stop following people who no longer follow you.

Why Do They Stop Following You?

There are several reasons why a user may stop following you:

  • He is no longer interested in your publications.
  • Consider what you do SPAM.
  • You have cleaned up and deleted all the profiles you do not know or have no interaction with.
  • You have posted a personal opinion and have been offended by it.
  • You have not followed him.

The latter is the most common since many people use the follow4follow method, in which they follow you with the sole purpose that you also follow them to increase their number of followers.

Personally, it is a method that I find very ugly and annoying since many times you will see that the same person follows you several times in a short period. But it is also easy to identify these people since if you enter their profile, you will see that the number of followed and the number of followers is very similar.

How Do I Prevent Them From Following Me?

If we are in the case of the follow4follow method, the only thing you can do is follow every user who follows you. But if what you want is to have a quality community, I do not advise it.

The best option to avoid being followed is to try to create a community in which you not only take an interest in your product or service but also interact with your followers and give them useful information.

Also, you can follow these tips:

  • Be grateful for sharing your content.
  • Create different, creative, and interesting content for your followers. If you need inspiration, here are some ideas for creating posts for your Instagram profile.
  • Don’t SPAM. Even if your goal is to sell, you will not sell more because you are showing all your products all the time.
  • Share content from other people that you find interesting for your community.
  • Interact with your followers creating conversation. If they write a comment, reply to them.