Why and where to sell used data server?

Data centers and servers are two technological advanced way for storing all important information of an organization. Data centers are being called a central nervous system as they store data that can be accessed by authorized personnel alone.

But as these servers get old it is necessary to replace them by decommissioning it or upgrading. The process of decommissioning is a complex task, involving multiple steps. After the servers are properly decommissioned, cleared and wiped can be either recycled or sold in the market. This article talks about why and the best places to sell your used server.

Top three reasons for selling a data server

The most common reason why many server manager and person associated with the data center sell the used server after decommissioning is as follows:

  1. Maintaining an old server is costlier than buying new equipment. Old servers need a ton of work and care to keep them running effectively. More importantly, old servers can affect the productivity of a business as they become slow.
  2. Most of the businesses are under the assumption that waiting for a longer time to replace a data server will save money, but this can prove to be risky for your business in the long run.
  3. The important reason for selling an old and used server is to ensure your customer is served professionally and efficiently.

How to sell a used server?

Several ways are available for selling a used server. Both online and offline methods are best places to sell your used server. But it is necessary to ensure the server is wiped clean and the data cannot be recovered before selling it.

The top ways to sell used server are as follows:

  1. Online platform:

Using an online and reliable platform is a great place to sell your used server and make some money. Facebook market place, eBay, Reddit, amazons are popular sites to sell any kind of software and its equipment. Millions of people worldwide use these sites for buying and selling their products and services.

Though most of these sites give us price guarantee and professional services, it comes with a cost. Minor glitches are part of doing business online. EBay does charge a fee for its services. Apart from these popular ones, sites like Swappa, Gazella, Nextworth, Close5, Craigslist is worth checking out.

  1. Offline method of selling:

In addition to selling your used server online, you can look into ITAD companies interested in buying it. ITAD companies like server monkey and liquid technologies are the best place to sell used servers. Some companies pay for the server and send their team to refurbish the outdated equipment or recycle it.

A quick tip: when hiring an ITAP company, look for one that knows the market and has knowledge on where to remarket your asset to get a better price.


Selling a used data server can be advantageous to the organization when done correctly. But before selling the server it is recommended to do initial research like understanding the market, what you are selling and how old is it, the amount of time and money you are willing to spend on it to find the best place to sell your used server. Choosing a reputable and safe mode of selling a server will fetch you a guaranteed price.