Which Number To Choose For Your Business – 1300 Or 1800?

It is hard to gauge the difference between the benefits of the numbers 1300 and 1800. But, it is more important to choose the right number for your business, as it influences the overall operating cost of your business. The major difference of this number service is – with 1300, you customers can call your business from a fixed phone at the cost of a local call from anywhere within Australia. Whereas, with 1800 number, your customers can call you at no charge from a fixed phone anywhere across Australia. Meanwhile, if your customers reach you out to either 1300 or 1800 numbers from their mobile phones, they will be charged the normal mobile call rates.

Nowadays, 1800 and 1300 numbers are fast becoming a must have business phone number for all sizes of business. But how do you choose the right business phone number? Here are some suggestions from the experts on choosing the right number for your business, keep reading to know more –

The Call Charges 

As mentioned earlier, your customers pay the price of a local call when they reach out to 1300 and the calls are free with 1800 when dialled from a landline carrier.  But what must your business pay? Depending on the incoming calls, the businesses are billed pro-rata.

The Preferred Number

The 1300 numbers are known as the Local Call numbers as they charge the callers the cost of a local call. The advantage of having the 1300 number offers your customers a low-cost access to your business. Alternatively, the 1800 numbers are termed as the ‘Toll Free Numbers’, where the callers can make a call to your business free of cost. This is the reason, most businesses have invested in the 1800 numbers. But, the decision ultimately lies in the goals of your business, when it comes to choosing 1300 or 1800.

*Note that for both the numbers, a customer will be charged at regular rates if he calls from a mobile phone carrier, which is usually higher than the landline rates.

Advertising Claims

Though both these online business phone number can be used in your advertisement process, they can either be projected as a Toll-free number or free call from landline. Still it is not advisable to promote 1300 numbers as Toll-free, as the callers will have to share the call cost. Instead, simply use a call-to-action, that endorses free-call access to your business, this will upsurge the response rates towards your advertising campaigns.

Unforgettable Numbers

Numbers that follow a replicated pattern are sure to stay in the minds of your customers. Besides, instead of replicating the numbers, getting a phone number for your business, with your brand name in the toll-free number, will prove to be worth it. If your company’s goal is to let your number remain in the customer’s memory for long, you should consider all possible ways to secure a memorable number.