Which camera to buy? Check here what you need to know

Anyone who is just starting out in the photography profession has certainly asked many people this question: what camera to buy? There are many factors that you must consider before purchasing your first camera, such as the brand, the size, weight, and so on. If you intend to take this seriously, you will need professional equipment. In this article we are going to discuss the aspects you should consider before going out to buy your first digital camera.

What is the best camera and lens to start?

If you think a great camera will make you a great photographer, it’s like crazy fans that buy football boots of Ronaldo for thousands of dollars would gain incredible football skills, but that doesn’t happen. An extremely professional camera may not make you the best photographer in the world, but large objective lenses can significantly improve the sharpness of your images. The light fixtures can resume the shine in your photos, but if you don’t have the necessary skills everything can end up going to the hole.

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At first, consider buying equipment that meets your needs and the price range within your means at the moment. If you are a beginner, and want to invest as less as possible, without hampering the quality, Sony a6000 would be ideal for you.

What do you intend to photograph?

Then, you should ask yourself what your goals are with this equipment. You need to remember that cameras and accessories have specific activities for which they were designed. Thus, if you are concerned with taking photographs of nature, or maybe you will dedicate yourself to covering weddings and children’s parties, you should look for the best equipment for this purpose. If necessary, ask for help from a qualified professional. It depends a lot on the market in which you will operate, but the best choice is entry-level cameras, mainly from the Sony brand.

Does storage matter?

It is not the number of megapixels that count, but the quality of the megapixels and the size of the sensor. So how many megapixels are enough and what is the best sensor size for you? Well again, the answer will depend on the purpose of this equipment. Nowadays, professionals have considered Sony as a better device for video. So, if you are going to start working with video, it may be interesting to start with the Sony a6000 mirror less camera. It is highly suggested to read the online Sony a6000 review so that you get better information.

Physical size and weight –

Sometimes, a large body and an imposing lens seem to be what you need, after all most professionals have this type of camera. However if you need to travel a mountain for eight hours, you will prefer a more modest one. A good camera is one that makes you more comfortable and becomes a natural extension of your body. Your equipment needs to give you as much autonomy as possible, leave you free to take beautiful pictures. Likewise, where you will store the equipment is also important, again the size and weight will directly interfere at this point. So, make the right choice.

Cameras with greater durability –

All brands are very similar in terms of durability. A point worth mentioning is that there are two lines of entry-level cameras recommended for professional performance: with mirror (DSLR) or without mirror (mirror less). To begin, remember that you need to buy a camera manually so that you have more freedom. If you are a beginner, the suggestion is that you start with a mirror less. Basically, they are machines that allow the exchange of lenses. Sony is still one of the best selling brands. There are many professionals choosing Sony, and to start you can try the a6000.