When and Why to Switch From Shared Hosting to Dedicated Hosting?

Most site owners start with a Shared Hosting service when they launch their websites. This is because for a new site, the resource and processing requirements are usually low and a Shared Hosting server offers adequate resources to keep the site up and running. Also, Shared Hosting allows them to get started in no time since the provider manages the hosting server and all associated tasks, and the site owner has to merely upload the site data and get started. 

However, as the site grows in popularity, its resource requirements can increase, and it can outgrow the Shared Hosting service. This is when the site owners start looking to upgrade their hosting plans and consider options like VPS Server Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, etc. Today, we are going to talk about sites on Shared Hosting plans and look at when and why they should upgrade to Dedicated Servers.,

When you buy Dedicated Server Hosting, the entire physical server is completely allotted for you. Hence, all the resources and computing power of the server are dedicated to your site. This offers a lot of control and flexibility to you as the site owner. You can choose between a Windows and Linux Dedicated Server and managed/unmanaged services based on your requirements. 

Here are the reasons why a website on a Shared Hosting server should consider migrating to a hosting Dedicated Server:

1. Site Security

Shared Hosting services offer high levels of security to users. However, since the server and its resources are shared, even if one site gets infected, others can get impacted too. If you have been facing regular security issues, then your current plan is definitely not up to the mark. If this is coupled with an additional requirement for high security on your site due to the launch of new services or pages, then you might want to start considering upgrading the hosting service. While a VPS and Cloud Hosting service offers better security than Shared Hosting, a Dedicated Server ranks at the top. Since you are in complete control of the server, you can make any changes to the system and install any applications to make the server and your site secure.

2. Site Performance

Most Shared Hosting plans have limitations with respect to the bandwidth and maximum data usage. This is because Shared Hosting plans are designed for new and small websites. As your site grows, you might have to upgrade to get better page loading speeds and/or manage high volumes of traffic. Among other options, a Dedicated Server can offer more CPU cores working to boost the performance of your site, making it the best option.

3. Control & Customizability

In Shared Hosting services, you have limited control over the hosting environment since the server is shared between multiple users. While a VPS Server offers a Dedicated Server-like hosting environment, offering good control over the server, there are certain limitations since the physical server is shared. In Dedicated Server Hosting, since your site is the sole user of the server, you have complete control over it and can make any changes you want.

Summing Up

Remember, Dedicated Server Hosting plans are costlier than other hosting plans. Hence, before you move to a Dedicated Server, assess your site’s hosting requirements to determine if it needs a Dedicated Web Server or if a VPS Server will suffice. If the answer is the former, then research the market and find the best Dedicated Server Hosting in India for your site. Good Luck!

You can check out the following video to understand why businesses opt for Dedicated Server Hosting –