What You Need to Know About Xamarin Charts

One of the most popular platforms being used nowadays to add charts to mobile and desktop apps is Xamarin charts. Plenty of mobile apps now integrate charts and graphs to showcase statistics and analytics in an easier fashion. Instead of creating the graphs from scratch, making use of a charting package is obviously the better choice. But, there are a number of things that you need to know about this cross platform charting package and the many benefits that it offers. Here are some of the key advantages that they offer.

High Performance

The control features in Xamarin charts provide maximum performance. They feature numerous data rendering optimisation tools, which grant you the best performance when working with and plotting large volumes of data. More importantly, these added enhancements are quite handy when working with high-frequency data sets. Whether you want to put iOS charts or wish to put charts on an app designed for the Android platform, Xamarin gives you maximum performance without hogging the resources.

Types of Charts

More importantly, the package grants you access to more than 30 different types of charts and graphs. Want to make your statistical analysis more unique and create different kinds of charts? This is the ideal option. It supports four types of axes: date and time, categorical, logarithmic, and numerical. You can easily customise the appearance of all the axes as you want making use of the built-in properties within the program. This gives you unprecedented control over the way you want to present the charts.

One of the best options for integrating these charts is through SciChart. It’s a reputable company for developing the Xamarin charts needed and is easy adding it to your mobile or your web applications.

User Interactions

One of the best features that you get for using this package is the fact that it allows you to enhance user interactions by a significant margin. Users get access to a myriad of features, such as zooming, panning, trackball, tool tips, and selection. This allows them to work with the data in a way that many other packages simply don’t, and it makes your app all the more intuitive.

Data Markers

When adding iOS charts, you can easily create data labels and markers with minimal hassle. The package is fantastic for people who want to create scalable apps that provide excellent features to their users.