What Is The Main Features Of Alm Tools

One of the main features of an Alm tool is the requirement management. It is the process of documenting, analyzing, tracing, and prioritizing on requirements. This tool with requirement management capabilities allows multiple distributed stakeholders to collaborate inside a centralized requirement management platform by making it much easier for them to reach in agreement.

The collaborating stakeholders can gather new or existing requirements, document requirements with screenshots, source files, and description, analyze requirements, track requirements, and finally reach an agreement. One of the basic requirements of Alm tool is to gather different teams together to arrive at a final agreement. To do this that one must provide collaboration features and workflows at and it is highly necessary to succeed in this objective for any organization.

Software Development

While Alm tools are not designed to replace traditional software development tools, they really integrate with them to provide improved visibility all across stages of the software development process. VectorCAST is a good example of such integration which helps developers to tackle the complexities of software testing by automated testing activities across the software development life cycle. It is a popular issue to track the product that allows tracking and project management.

Risk Management

Many software development projects can have consequences and they are carefully optimized, especially when it comes to software in medical devices, it displays applications and automotive. Many Alm tools treat risk management as an integral part of software development when it comes to the application of systematic techniques for failure analysis such as failure mode and effect analysis.

Test Management

Leading tools support both types of testing and they integrate software automation testing which automates the tasks associated with unit, integration and system testing of applications among other things.

Change Management

Alm tools help to schedule and implement change, process documentation for change and keep track of its effects. The end to end traceability of all requirements, test, defect allowed the tool to keep track of all the changes in the database. It is necessary for every team member to be aware of any changes made in the last minute common delivery delays or potential project failures.

Issue and Defect Tracking

Alm tools integrate with proprietary issue and tracking products. It has to be able to pull the information from a bug tracking tool and trace it with the right requirements. This type of tool is becoming popular among agile developers and businesses.