What is the Difference Between Web Development and Web Designing?

Often people get confused between web development and web designing, and most people think that a web developer and a web designer is the same person dealing with the same work. The web development and web designing are not the same professions and a web developer performs different responsibilities than a web designer. However, people who seek for the information on the difference between web development and web designing should search for an article on the internet to elaborately know what web development and web designing are. You can also get an overview of the difference between the professions of web development and web designing below.

The web designer or a team of web designers are people who create the concept of a website. They may eventually think of applying different colours, different pages, different texts or contents for the website. In addition to this, they may also create logos, infographics, images, videos etc. and tell the web developer where to put them on the web pages of the website. However, the web designers do not literally participate in web development while constructing the website and while underlying the codes.

On the other hand, the web developers eventually take the concepts of specific web designs from the web designers and work on creating the codes which ultimately turns the designs into website contents or logos or videos etc. which can be visible to users and which can be read and understood by the users. However, there are professionals who deal with both the web designing as well as web development by one person which means both web development and web designing can be performed by one professional. On the other hand, It has been always and everywhere seen that there is overlapping between web development and web designing if developed or performed by one single professional.