What Is The Amazon Payroll Number? 

Are you a regular customer of Amazon? Well, then you must be aware of the fact that it is quite difficult to get in touch with the customer care service to resolve any of our queries. Moreover, due to ongoing Pandemic pressure, connectivity has become more impossible. In such a case, everyone looks to have a number on which they can get connected to the customer care immediately. There are several Amazon Payroll Number, you can have on the web. But while connecting, most of them will just take your time and nothing else. To resolve these problems, here we have come forward with some numbers that will surely help you to reach executives in customer care and you can get your inquiries resolved in no time. 

How To Reach The Executives Through Payroll Numbers 

If you are thinking that you will be directly connected to the executives when you dial the payroll numbers then you are certainly very wrong. Unlike any other customer care services, Amazon payroll number has also certain things to do that will be instructed by a computerized voice. When you dial the number, you need to select your language, then the type of service in which you have an inquiry, after that selection of the appropriate option to get resolution, etc. All these will be authenticated by pressing of number keys. You must be aware that you need to call from the number that is registered with the Amazon account. This will automatically browse all your orders that you have placed so far from your account and make it easy for both of you and the executive to settle the issue on any of them in a shorter period. 

It is also important to check whether the Amazon phone number hr you are dialing in from your region or not. There are different branches of Amazon all over the world. To get connected to customer care, it is important to dial the local customer service and not the service of any other country. 

Here are the numbers of Amazon customer care services in different countries. 

  • +52 55 4169 7182(Mexico)
  • +81 3-4540-5951(Japan)
  • 80-822-0306(Korea )
  • 0800 496 1081(Europe)
  • 1 -206-266-2992 (Australia)
  • 800 085 5175 (UK)
  • 800 116 655(Switzerland)
  • 800 333-23-25 (Russia)

The majority of them are toll-free that means you won’t be charged for calling customer care. But yes, you must have a minimum balance to connect to the Amazon Payroll Number HR