What is Offshore Software Development and what are its Benefits

The world has become a global village. Be it trade, commerce or technology; nobody can work independently and accomplish their objectives without seeking assistance from others. This is particularly true in case of IT industry. Over the last couple of decades, there has been a massive growth in the global IT sector. With the improvement of technology, more and more options have evolved which have played a massive role when it comes to improving business performance. Software development has been one of the most critical areas as far as the IT industry is concerned, and this is where the concept of offshore software development comes into the picture.

What is offshore software development?

As far as offshore software development is concerned, it is nothing but the process of outsourcing tasks to a 3rd party company or agency who would work under the instruction and guidelines set by the master company. As far as outsourcing services pertaining to software development is concerned, it may include various categories like

  • Website development
  • Development of web application
  • Development of mobile applications

In case offshore outsourcing, the partner company which is rendering the services is from a foreign country. For instance, USA has been outsourcing its software development projects to India for many years now. This has not only helped the IT companies in USA to add to their revenue, but at the same time, has also contributed immensely towards the growth and development of India’s IT sector

What are the Benefits of offshore software development?

There are multiple different benefits which offshore software development has to offer. Here are some of them

  • Reduction in Operational Cost: Outsourcing development work to a foreign company helps to reduce the operational cost by a great extent
  • Improved Quality and Innovation: When software development projects are outsourced to countries which has more technical skills and expertise in this field, it automatically assures better quality and innovation 
  • Focus on Key Business Areas: When excess of work is outsourced to a 3rd party company, in that case, it becomes easier to focus on the key business areas
  • Shared Responsibility: This is another reason that has made outsourcing of software development work so popular 

Apart from these, there are various other benefits that can be derived from outsourcing software development projects. It has played a major role in the process of sharing technology, knowledge and skill sets