What is graphic design and what a graphics designer do?

The Graphic Design refers to the area of knowledge and professional practice of textual and non-textual elements that make parts for graphic reproduction for the media. One of the most current ways of visually communicating a concept is through formal techniques. At the beginning of the 21st century, the participation of Graphic Design expanded to digital media. Being used in the creation of websites, electronic portals, software and several others related to Digital Design.

What does the professional of Graphic Design do?

The graphic designer takes care of the aesthetic and visual parts. So is responsible for creating logos, stationery items, advertisements, packaging, etc., everything that involves the visual identity of a company or brand.

However, anyone who thinks that the professional in the field of Graphic Design is a mere “designer” is mistaken. The work is much more comprehensive than imagined. As it is necessary to analyze the entire project, identify which colors, fonts and best formats that promote a harmonious image that fits the company’s vision. This is why hiring the best Graphic Design Bangkok Company is crucial. In addition, the work of this professional is directly linked to social networks, where it is often necessary to create pieces to publicize the company online.

What qualities a designer must have?

Having ease and liking technology is something really important for the professional in this area. As he will work directly with computer graphics tools. Having a creative, and innovative profile with affinity in the area is important. These professionals can be employed in graphic or advertising agencies. In addition to working as a freelancer, and can work in the area of ​​animation, branding, editorial design, packaging design and even occupy a position as art director.

The Design is all around us. From the sweater we wear to the label of a water bottle. The designers propose to convey the message of the brand or company. Taking into account the target audience, laws and rules of artistic harmony, color and shape psychology, impact on human perception and emotions, current market conditions, etc. The graphic design professional must have good aesthetic sense and be updated. In this profession, it is important to know that to be a good designer you must always keep up to date to keep up with the market. That is why it is always important to acquire knowledge all the time.