What Are The Unique Features Of FastComet?

Overall, am very impressed by FastComet s user interface for cPanel and account management. Performance of FastComet shared Hosting that is extremely fast without the Cloudflare CDN service. Yes, at one time we tried to move our web hosting to another company that offers this service but we found it was just as fast with a little added traffic through a search engine. The down side is that it lacks any protection against bots and SPAM, which can eat up bandwidth really quick.

The client area is also good and clearly visible. I like how we can click on a tool bar to start our online web browsing in case we have a question. Also, support ticket system is very easy to use even if you are not tech savvy. There is a help button right next to the IP address selection on the menu bar. We appreciated that the customer support was available even when we had technical difficulties because they were always available.

Security is another issue that should be discussed. In the shared hosting scenario with cpanel hosting, each site is assigned with its own private IP address. The customer IP address will be displayed with the domain name that they have provided. With FastComet we noticed that they use a virtual private server (VPS) for the client areas and an internal network for the hosting on the dedicated servers. It appears to me that the VPS will be more secure then the cpanel hosting.

Some advantages of this service: First of all, it offers unlimited resources since it uses a VPS or a virtual private server. This will save you a lot of money since you will not have to buy expensive dedicated servers for hosting your website. You will also not have to buy expensive tools and monitoring equipment to maintain your website. With shared cpanel hosting, the customer will get a free account, which is very useful especially for newbie’s to website builders. You won’t need a technical support service that will charge you per minute for hours of operation. Another big advantage is that you don’t have to install any software or applications because everything is managed by a single control panel.

This is an affordable and reliable way of hosting your website. With it, you will only need a small amount of money since you will only pay for the amount of space that you utilize. This means that the hosting provider gets to keep its profit rather than having to pay large fees to data centers. A third advantage is that you will save money on energy consumption since it uses a VPS. With this you will cut down your monthly electricity bills.

With FastComet, you are guaranteed uptime. With dedicated hosting, you might be out of commission if your server goes down due to a natural calamity or other issues. With a VPS, you can easily adjust for any uptime concerns and still enjoy continuous service. A VPS guarantees a 90% uptime record and with a fast processor, you will have a high uptime record. With a good uptime record, you can enjoy a steady stream of traffic and generate more revenue from your online business.

Some shared hosting providers do not allow you to have unlimited addon domains when you host with them and free SSL Certificates but WPX Hosting does offer free ssl certificates and you can learn about the wpx hosting ssl certificates here. You will have to use a third party provider if you wish to have unlimited addon domains. You will have to contact the provider regarding this and find out if they allow unlimited addon domains. In most cases, they do not but there are exceptions that FastComet provides so you should ask them about this before signing up. If you do have unlimited addon domains, you will have a high level of bandwidth and disk space that you need.

There are many more things that differentiate FastComet from other shared hosting providers. To make sure that you are choosing the best company to host your website, it would be worthwhile to contact a virtual assistant and have them go over the various options with you. Most shared hosting plans include an account management system. If you want to ensure that your staff has access to test results, it would be worth taking a look at this.