What are the Benefits of Walmart Credit Card?

Walmart is a big name in the retail industry. You will find every possible thing in a Walmart store. It is no wonder that Walmart has its credit card for a better shopping experience. Right now, they offer two types of cards: Store-only cards and Mastercard. While the store-only card can only be used in a Walmart store, Walmart’s Mastercard can be used anywhere. Some of the benefits of Walmart Credit Card are:


The biggest benefit of a Walmart Credit Card is the exclusive cashback they offer. On every purchase that you make through their website, you get 5% cashback. If you walk into their retail store, the cashback would be 2%. Still a win-win for you!

Flexible Redemption Options

Walmart’s MasterCard can be redeemed at a lot of places, unlike other store-branded cards. Your card can be redeemed as a statement credit at Walmart’s website or for booking travel. This card will allow you to redeem your purchases at public transports, selected hotels, flights, Uber rides, and a lot more. However, you can call on Walmart Credit Card Services Phone number and enquire about all possible redemption points.

Easy Application

The process of getting a Walmart credit card is designed for the customer’s convenience. You do not have to stand in a queue, apply, and wait for hours (or days) to get your application approved. As the world is running online, so is the case with these cards. You can complete your application online, or you can text from your phone. Once your Walmart MasterCard is approved, it is issued and ready to be used instantly. For checking on your application status, you can always dial the Walmart Credit Card Services Phone number and receive an update.

Keeping a Walmart card is not just beneficial but also extremely important for any buyer. As long as you want to save you time and money, you must consider applying for their cards.