Watch AVI files on Quicktime on Mac

For the ones who use laptops and electronic devices, you know that Macs and PCs have different functions and features. This is one of the reasons why the files compatible with a normal PC won’t be compatible with Mac. Take AVI files for example. The ones that are playable on PC are not always compatible with playing on Mac.

But, it is not always that you are stuck with such a problem, right? If you have a Mac and an AVI file doesn’t mean that you can’t watch the movie that the file has. Wondering how? Well, two effective methods can make that possible.

AVI is a multimedia container format containing both the audio and video to ensure simultaneous playback. But, these file formats are often not playable on Mac, which is one of the reasons why it is necessary that you either change the format of the device or find other ways to play the same.

How can you watch AVI files on Quicktime?

If you are wondering how to play AVI in Quicktime, there are two effective methods that you can opt for. Both of them are easy methods, one for the ones who are willing to do a bit of work and the other one for those who don’t want to get into any form of hassle at all.

Method 1 – Convert the file into a playable format

When you can’t play the AVI file on your Mac, the first common thing that you need to do likely is converted into a playable format that is available on Mac. Something like MOV works seamlessly.

This is one of the methods if you don’t want to download several codec packages on your Mac and want to get the same sorted out without any hassle. The one thing that you need here is a Video Converter for Mac.

This helps in converting the AVI file format into any format that is playable on Mac, so it is easier for you to access it. The process is not a hassle at all and takes a few minutes.

All that you need to do is open the convertor on the desktop, go to the main page and upload the AVI file that you want to convert. Once you select that, select the type of format that you file to convert the file to. It could be anything playable on Mac.

Once you are done, select the Convert option and the software takes care of the rest for you.

Method 2 – Opt for Elmedia player

Even though the first step was quite simple and hassle-free, several people don’t like to indulge in even doing that. In such a case, the one thing that we would suggest is using Elmedia player.

This is a built-in application that lets you play any kind of files on your Mac without any hassle at all. If you are too lazy to follow through the steps, install this and you are good to go.

This multifunctional media player is a lot similar to iTunes and lets you play the kind of movie or the file format that you want to watch.

Some of the file types that you can play on this platform include FLV, SWF, XAP (Silverlight), RM and RV (Real), AVI, MOV, MP4, and many other formats.


If you have been meaning to play your AVI files, these are some of the best ways that you can follow. Make sure that you take a look through each step to get a better idea of things.