VPS hosting: The next best thing to a dedicated server.


There are manywebdomain hosting options available in the market. The most prominent among them are shared hosting and dedicated hosting. VPS is another option, which is gaining popularity. It gives you the best of both shared hosting, as well as a dedicated server. Read on to know more about VPS.

What is VPS hosting? How does it work?

VPS, which is short for Virtual Private Server, provides you with dedicated resources on a shared server using virtualisation technology.

VPS emulates a dedicated server in a shared hosting setup. But your web domain is hosted on a physical server that is shared by other users. The VPS provider installs a layer above the server operating system. The layer makes virtual partitions on the server and allows each user to install their OS. 

VPS hosting allows you to set up your website in a secure place and guarantees you dedicated computing resources of the server. In short, you get a web domain hosting environment similar to a dedicated server for hosting your website. 

Why should you opt for a VPS hosting?

VPS hosting is far superior to shared hosting and allows you to enjoy the benefits of a dedicated server as well. We tell you why you must go for a VPS hosting-

Better performance

In a shared server, there are many other websites hosted along with yours. Hence, if a site is generatingmore traffic, it is likely to affect other sites being hosted on the server too. In case of a VPS hosting, your site is independent of other users. This ensures that it is not affected by other sites on the server.

Excellent scalability

If you have a small business with limited traffic, shared hosting might work for you. However, if your business grows and your sales increase, you need to keep up and accommodate the increasing traffic. A VPS hosting provides you with excellent scalability. You can go for greater bandwidth with more storage without any downtime. It is as easy as upgrading your plan.

Highly customisable

In VPS hosting, you have your own OS. Thus, you can customise all instances of server applications like PHP, Apache, and MySQL according to your needs. It makes VPS hosting highly customisable. Also, any change, which you make is restricted to your website and does not disturb other sites on the server.


People go for shared hosting as it is the cheapest option available. However, VPS gives you all the benefits of a dedicated server in a comparatively lesser cost. There are many VPS plans in the market, with the fee comparable to that of shared web hosting.

Dedicated customer service

When you are taking your business online, any issue with your website can cause you to lose customers. Dealing with technical problems can be quite stressful, as well. When you opt for a VPS hosting, you will have a dedicated customer representative to help solve any issue that might come up. It reduces downtime and ensures your peace of mind.

The flexibility and scalability of a VPS, along with the lower cost, can be of great help in your business. It ensures that you are not limited by bandwidth or storage, and gives you access to the features of a dedicated server as well. Hence, a VPS is a worthy option that you must consider when you are looking for web hosting solutions.