Types of programming languages ​​and their uses

Types of programming languages ​​and their uses are many and many, all of which are used in creating websites and applications because programming has become at the present time one of the most important elements of modern technology, it is specialized in creating computer programs to implement mathematical instructions and analyze data and implement them, and this is through different programming languages. This is done by writing program notes for the program Certain languages.[1]

And because programming is in a permanent and continuous development, and this is because it is one of the most important development of modern technology, and the programming language is the language of well-known technology because it is all the instructions that pertain to all inputs and outputs and implement them as it processes information, as programming languages ​​are known as a set of written codes that includes all the instructions that The computer executed immediately. .[1]

Definition of programming languages ​​and their uses:

There are many programming languages ​​and we will introduce the most important and most popular of these types.

C language: This language is considered one of the fast international languages, so many companies and programmers use it for their own work

Java language: It was developed in 1992 by James Gosling and works to run applications on smart devices as used in programming websites.

C ++: This language is very versatile and it is the development of the C language as many people prefer this language from application programmers to be suitable for complex destinations. .[2]

Python Language: This language is known as the ease and simplicity of reading and writing its orders. It can also be developed from the rest of the languages ​​and can be used in many fields. It is considered one of the scripting languages. Therefore, it is preferred for beginners to learn this language at the beginning. .[2]

Ruby language: One of the advantages of this language is that it can be used in many fields.

PHP language: This language is used to create applications and web programming, as it is also used in the development of existing programs, as well as the ability to run all smart phone systems.

XML language: It is one of the most popular but different programming languages ​​because it is for storing and transferring data.

Network Command Company advises you to learn these languages:

We recommend that you learn some of the most used languages ​​that are suitable for creating applications and websites, including:

JavaScript language, because you can use it on most devices and use it to create applications. JavaScript has been updated and has many commonalities with other modern languages, including C # and Lisp.

The second language is Python, which is the best choice for programmers because it is responsible for machine learning and artificial intelligence, and is also used in building user interfaces. It is suitable for beginners in creating websites. .[2]

And if you are looking to work in major companies and institutions, you will need to learn one of the Java and C # languages. These two languages ​​are similar in many characteristics.

But Java is the most popular, it has more functionality, and it is a language for Android development.

What are the types of programming languages?

There are seven types of programming languages, but they differ in the way they are written and used.

1- Machine language: It depends on the binary coding

2- Visual programming language: It is not used in writing scripts, but rather is used to modify data and its forms and is known as graphic programming, including Visual Basic, and it is used in building limited programs. . .[3]

3- System programming language: It is used in the installation and assembly of systems to be independent of the rest of the programs, and for example, the C language. . .[3]

4- High-level programming language: These languages ​​do not display any details of the programmer’s application commands and times of use, and this language goes through three stages, including the interpretation of the code – translation of the code to understand the machine – and then you reduce this language to be easier to understand. .[3]

5- Specific specific programming languages: They are allocated to solve specific problems in a specific field, but they are not fixed languages ​​and are used for zooming. . .[3]

6- Assembly language: It consists of grouping low-level languages ​​that are used together to control and are not used in programming, but in the field of strict and careful control and programmers of complete electrical circuits.

7- Script languages: It is represented in the programming language, JavaScript and is programmed and used in a special way different from the programs used inside it, as it is described as one of the very high-level languages. . .[3]

What is the benefit of learning programming languages:

Because we have become using programming in our daily lives in various activities, such as the use of smart phones, it depends on the applications built and written in codes, and this is known as programming languages. I clicked on your browsing the internet or entered the sites of sale and purchase, using this programming, so it became necessary for everyone. It is like learning human languages ​​now, and it also gives you many job opportunities either in private companies and major institutions or as a private business for you through working online and this is to increase the demand for creating websites and applications so the programmer has become a very required job market. It is also suitable for creating surface applications. The office is like audio driver and office software. You can also learn by programming, making games, and this field has become very required. Learning programming also helps you in developing your skills, ideas, and capabilities that enable you to add new things to the sites or applications that you implement. . .[4]

We hope at the end of this article that we have sacrificed to you all the information that benefits you and increases your information and explains to you the importance of programming and entry into this technological world and that you want to help in learning more and learn all programming languages ​​so the network orders company can help you in doing this as we provide you Set of courses and adequate explanation on programming and all programming languages ​​and using them to train with us in the work of websites and create applications that work on all devices, we have a long experience in the work of all smart phone applications and websites and we also help you to create free sites for training in it and Find out all the money Kind of weakness and strength, you must make sure to learn all a Types of programming languages and their uses to ensure speed and mastery of the implementation of applications and sites that are assigned to you by customers to prove your competence in this field and achieve a lot of profit and you can see our business or communicate with us through our site or through WhatsApp. [4]


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