Truest Opportunities With Online Booking Here

Ensure the availability of your rooms so that reservations are only received when your accommodation really has places available. Send an email automatically to confirm the reservation. Register all the information that is necessary during the reservation process so that it is not necessary to ask the client for more information later. If we correctly automate our reservation system, we will not have to worry about constantly checking the status of the system. The reservation system will notify the new reservations, cancellations and other options that we configure.

You will control all your reservations in a single database

In addition, this will allow us to have a well-structured and segmented database, and will allow us to analyze and know by which channel reservations and other data of great value for the business are received. Having a single database is an important resource in a company.

View the reservation calendar easily

An online reservation and availability system should offer you a control panel where the business administrator can see the availability and which reservations have been confirmed at a glance. You no longer have to keep written records, all information is centralized and the entire backup team can work more efficiently. To schedule online booking you need to be sure here.

Connection of the reservation system with other portals or systems

In addition, it is essential that the reservation system you decide to use is linked to all the portals on which your hotel business is advertised so that, with a simple click, you can update your availability on all those portals at the same time. This saves the administrator valuable time.

Online payment

It is a fundamental step for the reservation process to be complete. You may want your reservation system to include an online payment option. In fact, it is the most recommended.

But, we can also configure your reservation system in such a way that we offer greater flexibility in payment. For example, we can choose to pay a deposit on account of the reservation.

With online payment, your reservation and availability system becomes a 100% independent tool that can handle your customers’ reservations without the need for anyone to do manual procedures, which represents a considerable time saving. Using secure payment methods by credit card, PayPal or Bank transfer is usually recommended.

Advantages of having an online reservation system on your website

Your business open 24 hours a day

The Internet is amazing because it is a fast tool and it is always available. Users use the internet at any time, at work and outside of it, and they can connect to a web page whenever they feel like it but. Can they contact you, an entrepreneur in the tourism sector, at any time?