Top Ways to Boost Your FPS Game

Whether they are starting out or have been playing for quite some time, every gamer wants to boost their game. Apart from the tips that are exclusive to each game and cheats from FragCache, there are certain tips that are basic and simple but can take your gaming experience to the next level.

If you are playing a game in the genre of shooters, it is not essential to know every minute detail about each game. Therefore, these simple tips can be used in all types of shooter games to boost your FPS gaming experience.

  • Adjusting settings is the key: Sometimes, success lies in the simpler things. Every game has some settings that can be adjusted to the gamer’s liking. Few shooter games generally have very low brightness at default settings and can make you miss many details. Adjusting the settings to a more familiar one will help you perform better in the same.
  • Timing is everything: Most common mistake in shooter games is firing sooner than required. It results in the wastage of shots. Firing aimlessly will not have any positive consequence as the basic principle is not to waste shots and make them count. Firing should be opted for only when one has a clear shot. In this way, the gamer can kill the enemy without even being discovered by them.
  • Choosing the correct weapon: If you have missed a target, there can be several reasons behind it. Try to find out the mistake that contributed to the said consequence. One of the many reasons can be a poor selection of weapons. It is essential that gamers know their weapons as each weapon reacts in a specific way- a recoil from a certain weapon can change the point of impact.
  • Knowing the map: Knowing the map by heart proves to be extremely helpful in games. In case of enemy fire at any given time or place, you would know exactly where to take cover. During a heavy fire from the enemy, it is wisest to take cover and hide until one hears the enemy reload. Then the goal is to come out from the cover and start shooting.

Patience and practice are the keys to successful video games. Initial games are likely to be frustrating owing to the little time that one usually survives. But with time, practice, and strategies, the gamer will see himself slowing and steadily progressing in the game.