Top Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Gaming PC

A gaming PC is the ultimate gamer dream. If you are transitioning from a console gamer or someone who only had a weak laptop, building a gaming PC is a feat for itself. A process that is genuinely gratifying but on the other hand, it can be a bit pricey. In this article, we want to compile a small guide on the top things to know before buying or building a gaming computer. There are advantages of getting a prebuilt machine, but assembling one is also awesome. Still, building it requires knowledge, and it can be even pricer, so if building it is not an option, you can check out some of the best gaming desktops online. 

So with that, let’s start:

First of all, you need to ask yourself a few questions!

  • What is my budget, and how much money can I spend on this?
  • What are the games I will play, and how demanding are they?
  • How future proof does I want my machine to be?
  • What brand should I get?

The Budget and How Future Proof Will It Be

The main factor that will influence your purchase! You need to be aware that the price can skyrocket with gaming desktops, and these machines can be super customizable. You can get a custom-made machine with the best hardware, advanced cooling methods, and custom cases that will be your laser engraved signature, but that would cost A LOT of money! We can only tell you that you need to be okay with the purchase and think ahead. In this case, a prebuilt machine can be a tad bit limiting, but at the same time, these machines come out cheaper! From our experience, everything over $1500 is considered a mid range and should last you for some time! 

The Games You Will Play

Getting a 3k worth machine if you are only going to play strategy games may be a bit questionable. If you plan on playing older titles or less demanding titles, you can get around with a medium-range rig. An Intel Core i5 paired with an Nvidia 2070 series graphics card can get you playing most games on high enough settings to be satisfied. On the other hand, if you plan on playing something as Cyberpunk 2077 on high settings, you need the latest from NVIDIA and probably an i9 Intel Processor. A cool way to decide on what to get would be to check out the suggested requirements for some new games. So go out, find a title that you want to play in the future, and go from there! 

The holy trinity of the CPU, GPU, and RAM are the most important parts in your PC, but please check and be aware that you need to buy components that match and harmonize well. You don’t want to get a weak GPU for your CPU and bottleneck your future PC. Always check will your power supply be enough, and if you are getting a prebuilt machine, check out reviews and see if the cooling is good enough. The bigger the storage, the better. If you plan on playing games and maybe rendering and working in other heavier editing software, 16 GB of RAM is a minimum, while 32 GB is recommended. If your budget does not allow a big SSD, you can get around this by having a smaller SSD for your Windows and some files and a bigger HDD for games, etc. Still, having games on your SSD can improve load times and is generally better, or you could just install that latest game on your solid-state drive. In any case, use all the online tools you can find to figure out the right specs for your money. 

What Gaming Desktop Brands Are There?

Not to go into specific computers and configurations, you need to know and be aware of a few noteworthy gaming brands. Different brands will boast different specifications, and some are more reliable than others. The PC gaming industry is worth over $29 billion, and hardware is constantly improving. The industry’s giants include companies like Alienware, AMD, MSI, NVIDIA, Acer, ABS, ASUS, CyberpowerPC, and others. A gaming desktop from any of these companies will be sufficient! Alienware has become especially popular for its distinctive look and great sponsorships. Still, as said, all these companies try their best to stay afloat in a very competitive market, and they try to perfect their tech to the max! 


In the end, we hope that this small guide gave you some basic tips on how to choose the best gaming desktop for you. The way of getting a nice machine can be a bit tricky, but with the right care, you can have a PC that will bring your countless hours of fun and stay in touch with your gamer buddies! Good luck!