Top Cryptocurrency Exchange Features To Check Before Choosing Your Platform

Should You Invest in Crypto Now?!

If you are just about to get started cryptocurrency trading, you might be concerned about its risks. Almost all the popular cryptocurrency platforms offer robust security features to traders. In platforms like Bithera, you also have a dedicated crypto wallet to manage your assets. Well, in this post, you will come across some prime features, that ensure a safe and secure trading.


Remember, dealing with digital currencies involves risks of frauds and hacks. During your research, you need to consider the security infrastructure of the crypto exchange platform.

  • 2FA (Two-factor authentication): Reputed platforms like Bithera have enhanced security features like 2FA. By combining two factors like phone number or email id, they verify the identities of the users.
  • Cold storage: Most of your assets remain in cold storage, ie. offline. This ensures a lower risk of these assets getting hacked.
  • Reserve proof: The exchanges need to be audited for verification. In the process, the exchange can get a confirmation that the overall amount that they hold is the same as needed to cover customer balances.

Supported digital currencies

Although Bitcoin is apparently the most popular cryptocurrency, you have thousands of other options to go for. The platform you choose must support all the digital currencies in the market. This would broaden your option in the coming years, and you can diversify your portfolio.

Fees and charges

The reputed cryptocurrency exchanges charge their customers in various ways. It would be wise to sign up with a platform like Bithera, where the charges are comparatively negligible. The exchanges understand that they need to charge low to remain in business. In most of the exchanges, you need to pay a small amount, that you trade. This amount is less than 1% in most of the exchanges. 

Cryptocurrency investment can bring in a manifold profit, given that you choose the right platform. A secure and feature-packed exchange platform fosters a seamless wealth-building process.