Top 9 Press Release Distribution Companies

Ever since the advent of digital revolution businesses took to a variety of ways for marketing their products/ services. People are not the same to check ads and buy into the product or service instead they search online about new products or services.

It is here that press releases play an important role to dissipate information about your products or services to those people who are looking for something new. The PRs can can be used to help brands in their reach as well as bolster their online visibility. That being said it is not a mean job. There are countless PR agencies that specialize in giving internet visibility to businesses by way of the PR distribution. And you need to choose the right PR agency who could give that huge impetus to your business/brand.

For those of you new to this PR marketing and have absolutely no clue of which PR agency they could hire, here is a compilation of 9 best press release distribution companies based on

reputation, price, authenticity, media contact database size, etc to name some.

1. PR Distribution™

PR Distribution™ is perhaps the most widely known press release distribution service. They are in the field with close to two decades of experience now and have one of the largest media contact databases. Multimedia inclusion for press release is a rare thing the company offers.

PR Distribution™ offers a variety of plans to choose from. Pick a higher-tier of their service you are guaranteed 100+ placements at high profile networks including FOX, ABC, CW, CBS, and the likes of NBC.

2. PR Newswire

One of the oldest PRE distribution services in the market is PR Newswire. Their database of location and niche-specific contacts in news and media is one of the hugest. What it entails for businesses is offering them highly-targeted distribution for their respective PRs.

However, all of this comes for a premium price. Their service starts from $350. Not to mention image or video will not be included for this price. The company also doesn’t offer press release writing/proof reading and editing service. This also means this isn’t for small startups and brands that can’t afford to spend lot on PR marketing.

3. PR Web

PR Web is another PR distribution company whose plans range between $99 and $389. The company doesn’t have any word count restriction of press releases. All of their plans come with social media share and permanent placement on the PRWeb and PR Newswire press release feed.

The top in the range plan though offers special privileges including proofreading, editorial feedback, and wider syndication. The company doesn’t offer PR writing service though.

4. Globe Newswire

Previously known as Prime Newswire, Globe Newswire is one of the world’s largest newswire distribution networks that specialize in the PR syndication. This is a free distribution service and a great way to distribute PRs on large scale. Being free this is like a boon of help to startup businesses and companies.

5. 24 -7 Press Release

Huge outreach to PRs for a little fee is what 24-7 Press Release Distribution Company offers. The flexible distribution plans are a good deal for small business owners. The wide network consisting of 30,000 journalists at top news outlets across the nation is another plus to consider this company. For a sum of $69, a PR is distributed to close to 50 news outlets and search engines.

6. eReleases

For all those businesses that aspire to see their PRs score high on reach index but run on shoestring budget, eReleases is the answer. PR writing and distribution service starts from $299. The plans include immediate (next-day) press release syndication to more than 5,000 news outlets, and guarantee exposure on a minimum of 60 high page rank websites. The eReleases service doesn’t offer free proof reading though in case companies seek such.

7. Business Wire

It is interesting how Business Wire service works. It syndicates a PR to major news outlets in the financial and the corporate network including the small and big bloggers, social media networks, and the like. The 18 newsrooms they boast about around the world ensure wider distribution of a press release.

Business Wire knows the significance of PRs in local languages and hence offers translation of your PR in over twenty languages. The company is run by extremely skilled PR pros.

8. PR Underground

It can be said that PRUnderground is second to PR Distribution when it comes to affordable PR distribution services out there. They distribute a press release to over 80 news outlets, which includes but not limited to NBC, FOX, CBS, etc. The services also include web reach distribution and SEO optimization for a one-time payment starting from $49.99.

With rise in price to $129 the PRs are distributed to larger networks such as the ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC.

9. Easy Newswire

Easy Newswire is one of the renowned press release distribution services in the market for rendering excellent customer support and outcomes. The press release is first reviewed by their in-house team of editors, and changes are suggested if needed. Once the corrections are made as suggested by them, the press release is then distributed through a wide network. Since the registration comes for free anyone can get started to share their PR within minutes.


PR distribution companies have their own pros and cons. While some are good in terms of their affordability some are appreciated for their reach and distribution. Small businesses with low budgets requiring PR writing and distribution service in one place can opt for PR Distribution™.

The word count isn’t limited and video and images aren’t charged. They do have a team of writers and editors who proofread every press release before it’s sent off to the distribution networks. It has a free press release checklist to help the customers.

If you want to know more information on PR Distribution™ and how you can benefit from their service, check out their website at