Top 3 Video Players That Are Compatible With Mac

Many applications are competing against each other to be considered as the best media player for Mac. Therefore, they are flourished with various features like saving the streaming content from the web, does not use too much of the CPU space, and support Blu-ray discs. Here we have mentioned the top 3 video players that stay ahead in the race.

VideoLAN Client

This is popularly known as a VLC media player and has been considered as a feasible alternative to QuickTime and iTunes. VLC can play videos of various formats and therefore users get the maximum benefit. It also supports subtitle integration so that it can alter text colors, background opacity, and text sizes. The VLC media player is a huge non-profit organization that offers several video playing options for your daily use. VLC indeed possesses all the required fundamentals, however, it lacks the pro-level features.

QuickTime Player

If you are in search of a more practical alternative for iTunes, then you can try your hands on QuickTime. It is one of the worthwhile media players to be used on your Mac machines. This media player app comes pre-installed in your Mac device and it is said to be the first video player created for Mac. This app was launched in the year 1991 and until now, it has delivered brilliance performances. It supports most of the audio, video, and image formats like MP4, MPEG, and MOV. The app is gifted with noticeable features and even if you do not use Mac, this app would still be a good choice for you.

Elmedia Player

Most of the time, you are not able to download audio and video files from YouTube because of malware. Elmedia Player is one of the reliable ways of streaming and downloading content directly from the web. This player is known to be the best media players for Mac and this is how it works:

  • First, open up the app and click on the download option that is provided at the top of the page.
  • Next, you either can search your video manually or can enter the video’s URL on the search bar from any of the online downloading platforms.
  • Finally, click on the dropdown provides and choose the video quality from the given options. Click on the download button and the file will get download and added to the playlist automatically.

Elmedia mp4 player Mac is a comprehensive video player that is best suited for Mac. It supports mostly all the video formats and uses the accelerated decoding technology to smooth out uneven HD videos.