Tools for Search Engine Optimization

While working on your site’s optimization, it is common to monitor and check your results. This means you will never have to worry about whether you are allocating your digital marketing budget effectively.

So if you have always wondered why your site needs SEO services (SEO service at Minimice Group, which is the term in Thai; with it, you can effectively reach your marketing goals.

So if you attempt to improve your website’s online visibility, there are several tools you can use to improve and ease the process.

Tools to Boost Your Keyword Research

Every thriving SEO strategy starts with keyword research, and there are plenty of tools created specifically to help you recognize the best achievable keywords you can use for your business:

Google Keyword Planner


Tools to Simplify On-Page Optimization

Optimizing a page’s on-page elements is an integral part of the SEO process, and the tools listed below can help you ensure that you correctly do so:

Screaming Frog

Redirect Path


Tools to improve off-page optimization

Another vital part of SEO is off-page optimization, which involves earning backlinks.

Competitor research is one of the best methods to spot new opportunities for link building, and these two tools are both ideal choices for that process:

Open Site Explorer


Tools to Keep Track on Your Results

While you make changes to your site, it is essential to measure the impact those changes create. Below are the two best tools for keeping track of your results:

Google Search Console

Google Analytics

Tools to Boost Your Conversion Rate

Your sole aim with SEO is not to attract traffic; it is to convert that traffic and audience into clients and customers for your business. Therefore, you will need to ensure that your site meets your visitors’ needs and that it is designed to facilitate conversions.

These tools can help you check your performance and recognize opportunities for improvement:

Crazy Egg