Things You Can Learn On Active Shooter Training


We can all agree that signs of violence all across the USA are increasing and you can see every single day that someone is shot.

With massive shootings in churches, theaters, workplaces and schools experts decided to create a training that will help public when it comes to the issues that may happen all around us.

Even though it represents a grim topic in general and odds that something similar may happen in your surroundings are low, still it is vital to know what to do in case it happens.

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According to experts, the media, as well as information that are so close to us, are telling us that we should be proactive when it comes to this particular problem and learn how to act when it happens.

Of course, everything depends on the location and specific situation that happens. You cannot get a general rule that will help you in every single case. According to Department of Homeland Security, active shooter is someone with intent to kill people in populated areas.

They are using actual cases and situations to present pieces of advice that may help to potential targets. Only people who know how to act have chances of survival, and that is something you have to remember.

1.Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

As soon as you notice that something happens, the first reaction will be flight or fight, and since fighting is not an option, you have to understand how to hide without horrific effects.

Therefore, as soon as you hear gunfire, you should look around you for the escape. According to experts, it is vital to be familiar with quick and fast routes that will help you get out of the workplace.

It does not matter if you are in a new location, you should note all exits beforehand, and be sure to use them throughout the way. However, if that route is on the shooter’s site, you should avoid it altogether.

The idea is to get away from that person, which is the best thing that will protect you along the way. Avoid using elevators if you are on a high floor, and usually you should take stairs instead.

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If you think that you are in the line of sight, you need to run in zigzag direction, from place to place. However, the worst thing that you can do is to pull a fire alarm, because that will create a panic and confusion to what is going on, and that may lead to more victims than before.

Instead of turning on a fire alarm, you should yell gunman or gun so that others can prepare for the things that will happen.

However, if you are in places such as a theater, you should check for exits by yourself.

2.Where Should You Hide?

If you think that escape is not something you can pull off, the best thing that you can do is to hide, but we are talking about a process called denying access to a shooter.

Therefore, you should enter in some small compartment such as closet or doors that you can lock and barricade for protection.

You can also hide under the desk if you do not have other ways of hiding, but that is not the best choice, but the idea is to remove yourself from the line of gunfire and sight.

At the same time, you should avoid playing dead, because most shooters decide to fire into wounded people to finish them off while on the ground.

3.What Should You Do After Hiding?

We recommend you to avoid checking out your mobile device and belongings, and even if you have some by your side, you should avoid recording and call 911 so that law enforcement can help you.

Just tell them briefly, what is going on and where are you, and afterward, you should turn off the sound on the phone so that no one can hear and see you doing it. At the same time, avoid talking if gunman is close to you.

The worst thing that you can do is to use social media because they are providing locations and may help an attacker to determine whether police will come or not. Therefore, you have to stay low during the shooting because gunman will open fire in case you do something like that.

If you cannot lock or barricade your hiding location, we recommend you to lie on the floor because that will prevent you from being a last resort or as experts think a surprise attack that happens when an attacker enters the room.

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4.The Last Resort: Fight Your Way Out

You should Die-Hard an attacker by using and throwing at it anything you have and that you can use a weapon such as a hammer, chairs, bookends, scissors, heavy doorstops, kettlebells and many more.

Even though it is not something you should do per se, in general, it is much better to try than doing nothing. In case that you’re strong enough, you can jump and wrestle a shooter during a reload time, but make sure that there are no collaterals around.

We cannot say which line and action are the most appropriate, but the experts state that you should use confrontation as a last resort.