Things to Keep in Mind While Using Amazon Advertising Agency for Your E-commerce Business

Becoming a successful brand is the dream of almost every e-commerce seller. Amazon advertising is one of the roads that can lead you to success as a seller if done correctly. However, you might find it challenging to learn and execute Amazon advertising campaigns correctly. While the real percentage of successful brands built from Amazon is high, it is still a truth that most aspirant e-commerce sellers fail after investing a huge chunk of money into Amazon advertising due to their lack of expertise. This is where Amazon marketing agencies come into play by offering their expertise in handling several campaigns over the years and their learnings to help them maximize the performance of your brand’s campaigns.

Why should you work with an Amazon Advertising Agency?

Amazon advertising agencies offer expertise, experience, and dedicated personnel for Amazon marketing services. There are several ways in which Amazon marketing services agency can help e-commerce sellers:

  1. Expert campaign management
  2. Increase volume of leads and conversions 
  3. Campaign cost reduction

Things to Keep in Mind While Using Amazon Advertising Agency for Your E-commerce Business

While working with an Amazon advertising agency, there are several factors that you need to keep in mind such as:

  1. Alignment with your goals and outcomes

There is an entire ad network from Amazon that sellers can access and the ad campaigns require a complex setup. Therefore, it is essential to clearly state your goals to your agency to identify the correct campaign type. Their experienced team can help in campaign optimization once they clearly understand your expectations. Thus, make sure that you have made the vision clear to your agency for better results. 

  1. Process of the agency

You should be in line with the process that your Amazon advertising agency follows. 

They have the expertise you need but you should understand their strategic approaches and other potential offerings that could benefit your business. Your agency knows how to properly run an e-commerce channel and they can guide you through the workflow.  Being well-aware of the process allows you to plan for the future. 

  1. Agreement and terms of your contract

As a seller partnering with an agency, you should always keep in mind the terms of your contract with the agency. Your expectations should be aligned with the outcomes defined in the agreement. Make sure that you do not change your goals or your agency will not be able to work in a particular direction.

  1. Technology

While running your Amazon advertising campaigns, you must be aware of the tools used by your agency so that you can understand the working of these tools, their impact, and their limitations. If an agency uses internal tools and you might be likely paying for those, you can get an overall picture of the agency’s inputs into your campaigns.


  1. Advertising campaign budget

The final output from your Amazon advertising campaigns depends largely on your budget for these campaigns. Sure, your Amazon advertising agency can optimize your campaigns but ultimately the number of final conversions depends on the money that you can put in these campaigns. So, make sure to align your expectations according to the budget you can allocate for your Amazon ad campaigns.


  1. Reporting process

While working with an agency, you should be clear on the Key Performance Indicators of your campaigns and the kind of reports you want from your agency. These reports define the success of your campaigns against your chosen metrics, so select your metrics accordingly. 

An Amazon advertising agency can boost your sales numbers through expert campaign management and process optimization. However, while working with them, you should understand your role actively and learn from their experience for a successful collaboration. In this way, both you and your partner agency can mutually benefit while working together.