Things to Avoid When Playing with Girl Gamers

Almost every one of us knows at least one girl gamer, or are girl gamers ourselves. Chances are we’ve known them for a very long time and are comfortable playing with them. You can say whatever you want to say to them and do whatever you please. But it’s a different case when you’re playing with girl gamers you’ve just met. There’s a lot you need to keep in mind when you’re playing with newer gamers. There are some things you shouldn’t do or say.

Asking Personal Questions                               

This is a big no no. You should never go asking personal stuff about them like where they live, are they in a relationship, etc. It might be okay if they’re really close friends of yours. It just makes you look like a creep instead of trying to be a friend. You should get to know them first. Ask questions related to the game you’re playing like who their favorite character is, their favorite part of the game, etc.

If you hired them on Gank simply because you want to talk, take baby steps and get to know them without asking way too personal questions. You may open up something in their past they don’t want to be reminded of and make things uncomfortable. Once you’re close with them and they feel comfortable with you, then you can get to know them more.

Being Toxic

This won’t help anyone get better at a game. Being a toxic player will just make sure no one would want to play with you. You should always try to be kind to your teammates, especially to the girl gamer that you hired to play with you. Being a team player will encourage your teammates to do better and help you keep a cool head. You’d have a hard time playing if you focus on trash talking your allies.

Same goes if you’re the one hired by a girl gamer on Gank. Just because they hired you doesn’t mean you should get tilted if they make a mistake or two. It’s okay to get mad and frustrated, just as long as you don’t go overboard and start name calling your teammates.


Nobody wants a troll on their team. A troll basically ruins the game for everyone. Intentionally not doing objectives, not joining in team fights, stealing buffs from your junglers, anything that would make you look like a certified jerk. Being a troll will also guarantee that the girl gamer you’re playing with will never want to team up with you again.

You will lose their trust and make them feel like you’re treating them as a joke. Playing the game properly will make it look like you want to impress them and that you take them seriously. Besides, there’s no better feeling than when someone wants to play with you again because of how good you are and how fun you are to play with.

It’s very easy to find girl gamers to play with nowadays and Gank is one of the best places to go to when looking for those to team up with. As long as you remember your limits and know what things you should avoid doing or saying, you’re all set.