The Right Way to Monitor Your Employees

Employee Monitoring has started to become the need and demand for many employers. If you are an entrepreneur then you surely want to keep an eye on the monitor of your employees to see if they are working efficiently and productively. This becomes important because, if the productivity levels of the employees of a company are not up to the mark, then the company would gradually come down.

If used in a proper and appropriate way the employee monitoring software can be highly beneficial for all the employers out there. These software’s are highly reliable and secure in every aspect. They play a really important role in keeping the company safe from any sort of external threat or theft, by notifying the employer regarding all the emails sent and received and all the websites opened and surfed.

How to go about the Employee Monitoring System?

Employee Monitoring can be a really difficult task especially when the work is being done remotely. It would always not be possible for an employer to keep a close check on the monitors of the employees.

These Employee Monitoring software’s have made it really easy for employers to track the productivity and screen usage of the employees. This software has been of real use in these times when remote work has gone up by 44%. Such monitoring software provides the company an invisible shield and protects it from any sort of mishappening. One such Employee and Computer Monitoring software is Work Examiner.

Some features provided by the Work Examiner Software are: –

  1. Productivity Stats.
  2. Working Hours Tracking.
  3. Continuous Screen Recording.
  4. Application and Web Tracking.
  5. User Behavior Rules and Alerts.
  6. Computer Usage Reports.

Work Examiner Software is used by many companies worldwide and is taken to be the most professional experience provider.

Some additional tips on Employee Computer Monitoring: –

  • Tell your employees before installation – It would really be unfair on the part of the employees to know that you are monitoring their computers/PCs without their prior knowledge. This would result in the breakage of trust between you and them. Hence, tell them about the computer monitoring so that they too are comfortable with it.
  • Use Web Filters – Certain web and mail filters prevent the employees of a company from sending or receiving files that possess a threat or harm to the company. The use of these filers is highly recommended to employers.


The use of employee monitoring becomes really essential to keep the productivity levels of the employees in check. The usage of this software would do nothing but only lift the company to greater heights of achievements. Moreover, through these software’s the employers can time to time motivate and boost up the employee’s morale so that they work with full dedication and efforts for their company.