The Right Frames and the Right Wands

A photo frame is a device that displays photos uploaded to it. When choosing a photo frame, it is important to pay attention to its design, since this device will primarily serve as a decoration for the home. But there are other important parameters that should also be kept in mind. Choosing the Best WiFi Smart Digital Photo Frame is essential there.

Display diagonal

One of the important characteristics of the device ranges from 1 to 19 inches (for comparison, one inch is 2.54 centimeters). Let’s consider in more detail some formats:


The characteristic that the image quality depends on is blurry or clear. It should be noted that this indicator must be associated with the diagonal of the screen. So, for 7-inch frames, the optimal resolution is 480×234 pixels, for 8-inch – 800×480 pixels, 9- and 10-inch – 800×600 pixels or more, and already for large formats (starting from 11 inches) it would be nice to have a resolution of 1024×768 pixels. Now choosing a wifi photo frame is easy there.

Other display specifications

The display format is the ratio of the width and height of the image. Distinguish between normal (4: 3) and widescreen (16: 9) formats. Before buying a photo frame, you should find out the format in which your camera shoots.

Brightness is an important feature of the display; the higher the brightness, the better. This is especially true for well-lit rooms. The optimum brightness is 200-300 cd / m2 (candela per m2).

Contrast – the higher the contrast is, the better the device displays the darkened areas of the photo. The optimal level of contrast is 200: 1.

Vertical / horizontal viewing angle – due to the peculiarities of the technology of LCD displays, the image may deteriorate if the user does not look at it from a right angle. Comfortable for viewing is considered an angle of 160-170 degrees.

Ultraviolet is called electromagnetic radiation, invisible to the human eye, with a wavelength of 100 to 400 nm.

Ultraviolet bactericidal radiation – short-wave ultraviolet radiation (UV-C) with a wavelength in the range from 100 to 315 nm, the effect of which is manifested in destructively modifying photochemical damage to the DNA of the microorganism’s cell nucleus, which leads to the death of a microbial cell in the first or subsequent generation. With the best handheld Germicidal UV light wand you can find the perfect choice.

The response of a living cell to ultraviolet radiation depends on the wavelength, intensity and time of exposure. The greatest destructive effect on microorganisms is exerted by radiation with a wavelength of 265 nm.


The methodological recommendations provide basic provisions for the organization and conduct of disinfection of air and surfaces in medical institutions using ultraviolet bactericidal radiation, as well as hygienic and microbiological control of the use of bactericidal radiation. The document addresses the use of bactericidal irradiators, the characteristics and properties of the main technical means for disinfection, measures and operating conditions of irradiators, including those that ensure the safety of staff and patients, as well as the principles of organizing and monitoring the use of bactericidal radiation. With the best uv sanitizer wand you can make the best use.

Guidelines are intended for specialists of hygiene and epidemiology centers, medical institutions, as well as research and educational institutions involved in the organization and conduct of disinfection of surfaces and air in rooms using ultraviolet radiation.