The Pros and Cons of Building a Website with Weebly

Setting up a website has become a must-have. If you have noticed, a lot of people are currently engaged in the digital world. The number of commercial and blog sites is quickly increasing, and when done right, managing a website can be an effective way of making a decent income. And if you’re thinking of building a website, you should consider using Weebly.           

For starters, is one of the most popular free web hosting and site-building services available today. With the simple drag-and-drop feature, it allows you to create any kind of website with much ease and convenience. It also offers premium plans, which give you access to its other advanced tools and features for better website development. 

Pros and Cons of Weebly

But just like other services, there are factors which can help you decide whether Weebly is good enough for you or not. So, let’s discuss the pros and cons of building a website with Weebly. 


Easy to Use 

Who wants to create a website with so many complicated things to do? Nobody wants a taxing start, especially if it is your first time. That’s why the drag-and-drop feature makes Weebly a fairly simple option for building your first website. It also has a user-friendly interface, which is excellent for beginners. 

To begin your website building, you simply have to provide an email address and create a password. Once you have successfully registered, you can access the basic Weebly tools for free. The resources are not abundant – you get 500MB of storage and up to 10-pages of content. But it’s enough to test the available tools and features to help you decide if the platform works for you or not. Since it is free of charge, Weebly will still display ads on your site, which can be a bit annoying.     

E-Commerce Upgrades

Weebly knows that the number of commercial websites is growing fast these days, and that’s the reason it provides advanced e-commerce solutions, which are necessary if you want to build an online store business of some kind.

You can upgrade your website and turn it into your online store. You can integrate it with a shopping cart button and checkout options for your clients. You can also create an inventory that allows your customers to search the items they want to get more information about or filter the products based on their preferences. 

Moreover, Weebly provides different payment options and other tools and features to help you manage your online store well. Some of these extra tools include auto-tax calculator, shipping rates, discount coupons, and others (as seen and used in popular digital advertising platforms and marketplaces such as, ClickBank, etc.). 


Limited Access to Tools

Unfortunately, free services don’t give you everything you want. Yes, Weebly is a free web hosting and site building platform, but as previously mentioned, you don’t get access to all tools to build a sophisticated website. If you want to have a website which is more complex and advanced, premium plans are available at favorable prices. At the end of the day, Weebly is still a business, and it needs money to operate every day. 

Affects SEO Strategies

If your website ranks well on the search engines, then that means you are searchable and can potentially generate a lot of traffic. Weebly’s platform is already set up for SEO (search engine optimization). It means that the platform is pre-designed to help your pages rank better on search engines. It has a good site map with meta descriptions and HTML formatting. But despite these factors in play, Weebly limits your chances to improve your SEO optimization, and some other platforms, such as WordPress for example, are more search-engine-friendly.