The iPhone and the Right kinds of Screen Replacment

The iphoneOEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer is the original name of the term FEO which means Manufacturer of Original Equipment is a label added to products when the manufacturer works on behalf of a specific brand.

  • Spare parts can also be described by another English term which can add ambiguity, it is the term Refurbish which means that the product is repackaged.
  • Note that a refurbished product cannot be in new condition, it has been recovered from another device, so it is by definition a used product which has already consumed some of the longevity in other hands.

Sometimes we also meet another word in French this time if but not clear enough, if you see that the spare part is Compatible or Adaptable it means that the quality is equivalent to the original part, which is quite a good sign, but it is therefore not an original part made by the same manufacturer as the brand of the smartphone. You can also opt for the Repair Hello iPhone screen replacement now.

What to check before buying a spare part

The elements of the technical sheet of the spare part depend on the type of this part, but here are some things to check if you are looking for the best quality.

The Gorilla Glass is a technology used to make screens of smartphones with the alkali-aluminocilicate which is a type of glass more resistant despite its thinness, it is used to manufacture the glasses of origin at Apple, having marked Gorilla Glass in the technical sheet of an iPhone screen remains a good point for the product and for the resistance of the touch screen.

  • Another important point for a replacement module for smartphone parts is the quality of the cable, the cable is the part that makes communication between the parts possible, sometimes a degradation of the authenticity of this one influences the quality of the whole module.
  • The non-original Home button cable, for example, prevents the operation of the TouchId on the iPhone, and the degradation in the quality of the LCD screen cable can be manifested in the quality of the image transmitted to the smartphone screen.

They carry out quality checks on several points before delivering compliant, new and good quality spare part.

Your iPhone screen is broken. Its start button no longer reacts. The chassis needs to be replaced. Are you tempted to repair your iPhone yourself? We hear you from here: “It shouldn’t be that complicated”. Really? Are you sure? On the contrary, your intervention may be useless or even fatal. Point on “home” repairs to avoid.

Do not dry your iPhone in the microwave

It seems obvious but it is always better to remember it. If your iPhone gets wet, definitely don’t put it in the microwave. This heat source can damage components. A tip: place it in rice for 24 to 48 hours so that the moisture is absorbed.