The Importance of SSD Cloud Hosting Over Traditional Cloud Hosting

Since the last few years, due to financial concerns several business owners are finding new and cost-effective ways for maintaining their websites. But most of them have even come to a conclusion that businesses need paid hosting as when it comes to the functioning of the internet, the potential clients will only trust a website that has a professional and reliable image. 

The hosting business is growing continuously and so the web hosting providers are trying their best to make their service popular with innovative and attractive options. When considering the technological enhancements, SSD cloud hosting India comes into the picture from day to day. Being the latest innovation in the web hosting area, it appears to be a satisfying as well as economical option. So, let’s check how it is different from the traditional hosting?

There are mainly three types of traditional hosting – shared, VPS and dedicated. 

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting being the most popular option for personal blogs or sites with a very few number of visitors, a user need to share the same physical server (hardware) with many other users. When you share a server, your site is bound to be affected by the performance of the other websites, as you would be sharing the resources like RAM and CPU.

This means that if one of the websites becomes unexpectedly popular and the traffic levels increase a lot, it may eat up the resources to maximum level which will cause the other websites to be only the remaining of it. Due to this there the pages will load slow and offer unsatisfying performance. This situation or the “bad neighbor effect” is the main disadvantage of the shared hosting.

VPS Hosting

In VPS hosting, you will share the physical server with other users as well, but the accounts will be separated via a virtualization layer, giving each of them a chance to rule over his own compartment. Since you won’t be sharing the resources with the others, so the “bad neighbor effect” gets eliminated. Moreover, the number of accounts that share the server is much less than as compared to shared hosting.

Additionally, the virtualization layer restricts the access to your content, so your critical information stays secure. In case one of the sites gets hacked or there’s a mistake in the scripting, your website won’t be affected. VPS hosting allows you to scale the resources as per your website’s requirement. You can also modify the software as the operating system will be separate and so, you can install any extra applications on your website. It is similar to dedicated hosting but costs less due to sharing of server. 

Dedicated Hosting

In dedicated hosting, you have entire server only for you. If you have some very special requirements of hardware then you can go for a dedicated server. You get full control over the server and an optimal performance along with excellent security. So, it is a good option if your website comprises of critical information such as credit/debit card transactions. But you will be the whole and sole responsible to resolve the issues related to hardware.

If you aren’t tech-savvy, then you are going to be in a mess. Therefore, those who select this option, hire a server admin to deal with those issues. However, it is the most expensive type of hosting and a server admin would cost a lot as well. So, it is suitable for really large sites, which are in a need of high security, such as the huge e-commerce websites, or for web developers, who insist on the opportunity of hardware modification.

SSD Cloud Hosting

Now let’s discuss about SSD Cloud Managed Services. In cloud hosting, your website is hosted on a system of servers which are connected to each other and this network creates the so called “cloud”. So, if one of the servers crashes, your website will still stay up, because it will continue working by using the resources of the other servers. And this is something, which you won’t find in other hosting options.

The fulltime availability of a business website decides if you would be gaining or losing clients and sales. With SSD cloud hosting, you also get the feature called as scalability – that allows you to increase the amount of resources you’re provided with as well as decrease them. This helps businesses during a particular season when it has higher/lower levels of traffic. 

Additionally, the SSD cloud hosting servers are completely managed by the hosting providers. This means that the tasks such as managing the server’s configuration, updates, security, etc. will get eliminated. This allows you to focus on your business strategies instead of wasting time on maintaining and tackling with the technical issues. Have concerns about the price? Keep in mind that with SSD cloud hosting you need to pay for exactly what you use. Also, the monthly prices are becoming highly reasonable and many entrepreneurs are switching to this cost-effective hosting solution. 

Are you interested in checking the prices, take a look at our cloud AWS managed hosting plans that comprise of SSDs.


Features of MilesWeb Managed AWS Cloud Hosting


AWS Certified Team: They have their AWS certified team to managed your cloud server and make it secure and powerful.

Time Saving: You don’t need to look after the server related tasks because their team manages the tasks such as updates, patching or other daily operations needed for AWS management .

24/7 Support: If you have any query regarding your AWS server, you can call their team at any time as they are available 24/7.

Server Monitoring: Their AWS team helps to keep your server up and running at the topmost extent by monitoring your website traffic spikes, infections and other issues.

Optimization and Growth: Your AWS server is enhanced for the performance, expenditure and security to meet the needs of the cutting-edge AWS services.

Increased Productivity: By administering your AWS cloud platform, MilesWeb allows your team to spend time on building products, helping customers and making profits.   

Final Verdict

SSD cloud hosting is an enhanced cloud hosting option that offers improved performance and help to keep your website up and running always. So, leave your AWS cloud server management to MilesWeb and grow your business with cloud.