The future of shredders

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The shredders have had a big increase in sale since when the sensitive data became a topic of discussion in any media as its importance was recognized as relevant and able to really change society balances if used impropery. We can think to identity theft as something far from us and that we can see only in movies because we associate it to spy stories and conspiracies; besides movies are inclined to let us misconcept reality, this crime can be easily done especially in the internet era when data lost its value and we are ready to give our residence address in exchange of a 10% discount on any website or to benefit of the free shipping that otherwise would cost us a few dollars.

The shredders trend actually started before the digital revolution, since when the big quanties of documents stored in public and private officies potentially would give all the necessaries information to criminals in order to accomplish easily a very serious identity theft.

How it works

The shredder does not use any very complex mechanism to destroy sheets, it just cut it with some sort of paths which make it really hard to restore the initial sheets from the single pieces of paper, as it is an incredibly hard to make puzzle.

As said before, nowadays the concept is different, we are in front of different needs when daya are not transferred by paper anymore but are preferably sent by emails or online forms, this phenomana changes completely the rules of the game and requires the regulators to set new guidelines in order to protect customers against any bad behavior of third parties.

What is going to happen

The industry of shredders is now moving toward devices able to destroy the storage of hard disk, usb pens and ssd in order to make data previously stored in them, unreadable. The shredders used in these cases have the same system of the others and older ones but engines require an higher power in order to ruin the chips that constitute the hard disk where the storage physically is.

If in the past years the system was even easier and cheaper, technological progress allowed to make good devices at reasonable prices even when it comes to hard disk shredders; these devices are now less commonly seen in private or public offices but are going to take more and more place even because the usage of paper sheets is supposed to be reduced exponentially in the next few years, when more or less all document are going to be replaced by electronic files and there will be no need anymore of paper shredder.

As everything around us, also these secondary devices must adapt their features with the changing times so we have reason to thing that soon paper shredders will have no more reason to exist and that with the arrival of new technologies hard disk shredders will finally take the place they need in the industry, also thanks to the improved guidelines that protect the customers and the individuals in general when we share any of our sensitive data