POS systems are among the software that makes work easier for business owners. With software such as online payments and online sales, POS systems can help track sales, employee performance, and track inventory. POSsolutions are transitions between phone, online, and in-store sales.

POS systems are in more demand, with retailers wanting to upgrade ad replace their systems or prioritize using their current POS solution. Selecting the best System that will work for you will require you to look at various software and hardware options, features, pricing packages, and customer service. 

Therefore, the finest POS systems for smaller businesses are:

Square POS Systems

These systems are the best overall since they have various pricing options such as free, plus, and premium. They can track inventory since the System HAS FEATURES SUCH AS sales reports, time tracking, barcode scanning, etc. The square POS has an integrated payment system, and you can even add a few more services like payroll programs and email marketing. Unfortunately, it has a costly processing fee if your business is large; its free option does not have advanced features. If you are willing to overlook all these cons, you can be sure that the Square POS system is the best.

eHopper POS System

The eHopper POS System is considered to have the best value in that it is inexpensive, yet it has everything that a business requires to carry out its operations effectively. It has four varieties of pricing options that are; essential, freedom, restaurant, and omnichannel. It has built-in management of inventory with features such as customer management, inventory management, email receipts, etc. The eHopper System works with various hardware such as most tablets and other devices. On the other hand, the System does not have management of gift cards, and the customers are charged the credit card processing fees.

TouchBistro POS System

TouchBistro POS systems are considered to be the finest for restaurants. The System offers analytics to manage the restaurant business to increase sales of beverages and food. The System has inventory tools and hardware meant for the restaurant industry, with features such as recipes for managing inventory expenses, access of reports and data through the cloud, in-built touch controls used to manage tables, etc. Its interface is also easy to use. Otherwise, its System being an iPad POS System means that it mostly uses Apple products, and it is not always receptive in terms of customer support.


Vend POS System is a system that is great for retail since it does not have limits on the products offered. Vend offers three types of plans that are: lite, pro, and enterprise. All plans have certain features that support retail business, such as cash management, inventory control, unlimited employees, etc. You can also use the System when your offline, although not all functions will be working, and it has a simple interface. Unfortunately, it is expensive when you add more registers.

Other types include Shopify POS Systems that are exemplary for E-commerce, Lightspeed retail POS Systems that are excellent for iPad POS Systems, and Shopkeep POS System for Inventory management.

Therefore, POS systems effectively run your business and are designed depending on your type of business. Hence we need to take advantage of this System to make your business increase in revenue and sales.