The Eye Rover: Never Lose Sight

Many of us use our smartphones as our own personal cameras each and every day. But have you ever wished it could be used for more? Whether you want to capture the next award-winning photograph or determine the cause of your household pet’s irritated ear, the Eye Rover Camera is exactly what you need.

What is the Eye Rover?

The Eye Rover camera enables you to take your smartphone camera to the next level. This device is a mobile camera connected to a three foot long bendable, waterproof neck. The Eye Rover’s innovative design will open up a whole new world of possibilities for both photos and videos. With featured LED lights surrounding the Eye Rover’s thirty FPS camera, you’ll finally be able to capture those pictures and videos that proved hard to reach with ease. This high-tech accessory gives you the power to capture those tight spaces and watery areas- effectively adding a whole new dimension to any aspiring photographer’s portfolio.

Eye Rover’s Impressive Features

Once you’ve picked up an Eye Rover Camera over your very own, simply connect it to your smart device through our app. For the convenience of all smartphone owners, we’ve made sure to include our app on both Android’s Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. The Eye Rover’s app even creates its own WIFI connection so you’ll never have to hassle with the chore of establishing a connection. The high-quality camera is designed to shoot amazing, blur-free moving video. When it comes to snapping pictures, you’ll never encounter anything but crisp, clear images every time.

We understand that having to carry your smartphone everywhere you go can be undesirable. Unfortunately, there aren’t many devices out there that are free from some sort of proximity based connection. That’s why we made sure to design the Eye Rover in a way that will free you of that obstacle. Venture up to fifty feet away from your device and Eye Rover will still function perfectly. Better yet, those LED lights we touched upon earlier have an even greater purpose- increased visibility. No amount of darkness will stand in the way of that high-quality shot.

Designed With You in Mind

The evolution of camera quality integrated into smart devices has undeniably come a long way over the years. Still, they can’t do everything. We’re willing to bet that you’ve been caught in a situation where the perfect shot was just out of reach due to improper lighting components. We all know the urge to up our Instagram game with impressive underwater photos only to be deterred by the outrageous prices of a quality waterproof case. The inability to find the perfect angle and crisp details have caused frustration for amateur and professional photographers alike. With the Eye Rover’s various, innovative features, these problems are guaranteed to dissipate.

The Eye Rover Guarantee

When you purchase your Eye Rover Camera you will not only receive a new tool for use in your photography. Each device comes with a lightweight durable case, a USB adaptable charger, an accessory kit that includes a metal hook, magnets, a mirror for all of your image capturing needs, and a hands free stand for your smart device. With your new Eye Rover and all its accessories, you’ll be able to capture images and videos like never before.    

Bring Eye Rover to Life

The Eye Rover team has been working on this product for years to perfect and implement the features that best meet the needs of the consumer. After a long road, we’re finally ready to show the world what the Eye Rover has to offer, but we need your help.

With your pledge, we hope to be able to move our product to the final stages of production and have the first units shipping off by August of 2019. We don’t want your generosity going unnoticed so we’ve included rewards for each donation level.

Check out our Kickstarter to learn more about this awesome project and make your pledge to the Eye Rover.