The Best of Snapchat As Per Your Need

Snapchat allows the number of views and screenshots made by users in each publication to be entered, and it is from there that you can measure your performance and determine the relevant changes to optimize your strategy.

Record the display of each post and start asking some questions:

  • Is a photo or video more successful?
  • What type of content created has generated the most views?
  • On what days am I receiving more visitors?

These questions can help you better understand the behaviors of your audience and the possibility of investing in changes in the use of Snapchat in your business.

You can also invent other analysis metrics from your Stories, for example. After 23 hours and 30 minutes of publication (remembering that the content expires in 24 hours), check the total views of each one of them.

  • From the first to the last, how many users stayed?
  • Which snap had the highest dropout rate?
  • What content was in it?

With these data you can better plan the next time you make a publication. Repeat the process and do the analysis. Has anything changed? Thus, the adjustments come naturally until your brand finds the right tone for the publications.

Do a behind the scenes

Don’t have ideas for exclusive content? Take the opportunity to show a little of your company and the local culture. This helps not only hook your audience and conquer new talents, but also in the sense of belonging that users develop for their favorite brands.

Knowing how the business works, giving names and faces to officials and showing that people and not just machines work there, can generate more empathy with the public.

This is an opportunity to create the difference with your company with respect to a competitor, testing how your business is much more updated with the interests of your person , click here for Snapchat viewer

Tells a story

Storytelling is a trend, everyone knows it. But did you know that Snapchat can be a great ally in that practice?

Creating and telling stories brings your business closer to the reality of the public, and can make it more relevant in the day to day of the person as he becomes part of the business.

  • Take advantage of the Stories feature to publish quick sequences and conquer the user with content that is easy to digest and capable of always keeping interest active.

Remember the variety

Make good use of the tools offered by Snapchat and do not stop varying your content. You can start with decorating your photos and videos. Explore the environment around your brand. What can be included?

A series of well-taken photographs is not a guarantee of engagement for your audience. Search, explore the opportunities within the application itself and try to vary. What could you do with a selfie, for example?

Here is a list of things you can try:

  • Stage smileys
  • Doodles and doodles
  • Funny filters
  • Speed ​​up a video
  • Remove sound
  • Varied geofilters
  • Show a snap from back to front
  • Collect the Geofilters of the day