The Best Multiple Gmail Account Working Options for You

In some cases, when surfing the web, it is very useful to use an intermediate device between the online resource and the computer from which you are connected to the Internet.

Security and anonymity of Multiple Profile surfing

Typically, a virtual browser isolates all its internal clients from the global network. As long as the user uses this device, his identity on the World Wide Web will remain anonymous. Thanks to this, he will be spared from receiving spam and hacker attacks. As a rule, virtual browsers do not use cookies, which mean that they do not have a mechanism for storing user data in a database.

Caching In addition to the fact that the virtual browser makes it impossible to determine the person’s identity by the IP they use, this device speeds up the loading of Internet resources. For example, after a user opens a certain website, he is forced to wait about twelve seconds to load the first page. If the user tries to access this website through a virtual browser, then instead of downloading it, he sees a copy of this page stored in the cache. Thanks to this feature, the download speed of various Internet resources is significantly increased, since a bandwidth of greater width is used. In general, the delivery efficiency of web content increases markedly. In case of controlling multiple g-mail accounts this comes perfect.

Effective administration

This feature is extremely useful for large companies in which many users access the global network through a single server. The administrator has the ability to easily make general firewall settings and block unwanted websites (social networks, gambling websites, etc.) for all users. Therefore, one of the most popular virtual browser features is content filtering.

Geographic location testing

Most websites use technologies that determine the geographic location of each visitor to provide him with content that is directly related to that location. This function is performed by establishing the location of the visitor and directing the desired team to the corresponding page. If the website owner has the desire to install testing of the geographical location of visitors on it, he has the opportunity to use the services of providers that have virtual browsers in many countries.

You probably heard about network security, but you thought that it was relevant only for large companies and government agencies. Of course, the fear of hacker attacks is akin to obsessive states, but not worrying about anonymity on the Internet at all is at least frivolous.

Skeptics will object: “Why do we hide on the Web if we are not doing anything illegal?” But doubts quickly dissipate as soon as you realize that using an IP address, an attacker can reveal your location, hack into a computer and steal important information from it. To prevent this from happening, you can protect access to the Network using a virtual browser, there is a good choice of packages, for example, at https://virtual .


What it is

Translated from English, “virtual browser” is a representative, this is the name of a set of programs that allow the user to make indirect requests to network services. Simply put, the anonymizer receives a request from the user and passes it to the requested resource, and then returns the received data. This technology has many advantages, it not only hides the IP address, but also speeds up data transfer, since it works with “compressed” files.