Technology – A boon or bane to humankind?

The people of this generation find themselves lucky to be a part of the era which is fully dependent and driven on technology. There is no doubt that technology has made life easier and workload minimal, but everything has a negative side too. It has a lot of points to be highlighted under boon, but it has so many ill effects also. As day by day, things are getting more into the technical field; there is an increase in security crimes, cyber attacks, Internet crimes, cyber crimes, and many more. But out of amazement, it is again technology which is working on these to reduce the digital crime rates.

Every day there are lots of new inventions and advancements in Technology. Companies like Google, Wikipedia, and many more have been working consistently hard to protect everyone’s data and important information. These companies have big data factories where the information are generated, stored, and kept. Similar things with a tint of modernization are available such as the HP ProLiant DL380 Gen10. It has all features, including server, security, and great expandability. It reduces costs and has a gain of 60% in performance. It works on the industry based technology with grade – ‘A’ Intel processor. It provides a processor speed of 1.7 GHz. So, summing up then overall, it is an excellent device driven by technology.

Not only this, there are thousands of such devices and new inventions made every day. Science has contributed a lot to technology or can be said as the backbone of insurtech technology.

It cannot be directly judged whether a particular thing is good or bad. It totally depends on the human way of using it and consuming it. Anything that is used in a proper way and under limits proves out to be useful and a boon to humans. These everyday inventions are made to assist mankind in the present and in future generations. Thus taking the word to the next level.