Sound bars Vs home theatre: Which is best?

The popularity of sound bars derived from the sleep, furniture or wall mountable design that looks visually appealing in smaller spaces as well. If you are confused between home theatre surround sound system and sound bar, this article can shed some light. If immersive experience and sound quality is your priority, home theatre sound is better option than sound bars.

Both home-theatre surround sound system and sound bars are better than TV speakers as both can deliver a full range, convincing audio experience. Adding a compact sound bar can enhance your television listening experience whereas home surround system can give you feel of cinema hall.  The ultimate motive is to get top quality sound from system and this comparison can help you to decide whether a home theatre surround system or soundbar is best for you.

Difference between home theatre and soundbar system

All television setups come with built-in speakers that enable you to watch, listen to movies or series. However, this basic setup might not give you a satisfactory listening experience. People invest in external set of audio equipment to enhance their TV watching experience. If you’re planning on such upgrade, then you may consider either home theatre system or sound bar. Both are modern day solutions that offer an ecstatic sound experience.

Home theatre surround system come with exceptional sound quality, where you can select from a range of audio channels, from 2.1, 3.1, to 9.1, etc. Moreover you can customize your purchase based on the size of your room that fits in your budget. Sound bars acts like an upgrade to your in-built speakers that offer long term and excellent audio service.


Let’s consider at the different ways in which both the systems can be beneficial for you.

Sound bars are thin and compact in design that can be easily placed under the TV where you need not worry about it occupying whole space. If you’re looking at the save spacing option, sound bars are the ideal choice.  Moreover, these sound bars are built with precise engineering that come with easy installation procedures.

Though home theatre surround system occupies lot of space, it can be arranged at different positing in your room to offer more efficient ecstatic sound. If you’re looking at options to customize your setup, you need to opt for home cinema system.

Select the system according to your needs and choose the best quality Soundbars, receivers and home theater at as per your room size, budget and requirements.