Snap Camera App

For all those lovers of photography, Marginz Software introduces an app with an amazing and unbelievable range of features that will definitely thrill its users. Snap Camera HDR is a fast functioning, easy to use, user friendly camera app. With its high dynamic range which allows photo shooting and video recording at its best which will not be possible from a camera apk with an app featuring standard technique as it will limit the shooting to cover a certain range only. Just two buttons and a dial and just one click to choose the camera mode one desires. 

There wouldn’t be any clutter in the preview screen. Easy to use because one got to touch to focus, pinch to zoom, and swipe to review. Pressing a little longer on the photo controller enables one to set the photo settings in the best manner. Photo controller with its features stand out like a separate app all together. Silent shutter makes it possible to shoot a photo silently. Handy isn’t it in a silent environment where the silence is not disturbed by the camera whilst clicking. Also, one could always surprise someone taking a photo without that one’s knowledge with the silent mode.

Snap Camera App

Burst mode makes it easy to capture moving images like flying bird or a kid playing with a ball. The self-timer makes it ideal for the user to join others for a group photo and have the background one wants to in the image. Stable shot gives the shooter the perfect balance in control to take that clear perfect photo. Panorama mode allows a combination of images to make that perfect image with a panoramic view.

Flash mode will automatically combine in the best way with the camera technology to set up the perfect parameters like the distance and exposure to give the best image. White balance gives an image the most appropriate balance of colours. The colour balance is all important. Like Say if shooting an image of a rainbow with many colours involving in that rainbow image. Exposure mode gives the most optimum light to the image. Automatically the camera will make an image taken where the light is on the darker side bright enough to make the photo clear and provide less brightness to a photo taken in bright light. Grid lines offers to make numbered horizontal and perpendicular lines to make squares to fit in images like maps. 

Snap Camera HDR with its additional menu settings gives one access to many other extra settings. If needed, you could always test this camera app by installing the trial version before purchasing the paid app. With all these features one is guaranteed to be provided with the perfect satisfaction with the one and only Snap Camera HDR app.

Download Snap Camera for TV BOX

Many use their Android TV or Fire TV to take video calls, zoom meetings and etc. using a external camera device. But many of those stock camera applications does not has any filters, effects, beauty features like many Camera apps. However, now you can easily download and install Snap Camera HDR app on your Android TV box using AppLinked or FileSynced.

First create your own app store using FileSynced. Download camera apk and upload it to your own store. Then use FileSynced code to download and install this camera app on your Android TV.