Smart Solutions for the Best Choice of Bikes


Choosing the size of your bike is an essential step if you want to fully enjoy your rides on any surface. You must therefore determine the size of the frame that suits you, for that you just need to know some characteristics specific to your body type. You must know  your height  (in cm) as well as the size of your crotch . Frame sizes are not standard. They may vary depending on the type of bike you are going to choose. Example: the frame of an ATV in size S will not be identical to that of a VTC in size S. With the mommy adventures you can expect the best options now.

The following tables will guide you on the size to choose according to the type of bike desired

Its framework and its parts must therefore be rigorously selected, and assembled with care so that its user does not have to go through the “repair” box every week. Everyone has their own use, everyone has their habits, which is why it is important to target which material is reliable, or which criterion is superficial.

What are the criteria for choosing a city bike?

You must first ask yourself the right questions: what do you expect from your bike? What will be the use (relief, transport, distance, etc.)? At the same time, essential criteria must be taken into account. You must be particularly attentive to these when choosing your bike and do not hesitate to ask the seller about these different points.

Frame geometry or frame shape:

A high frame, similar to “man” can be very pleasing to the eye (depending on individual tastes); on the other hand it will be less practical in the city. A low frame ( wave or trapeze type ) has the advantage of being easily stepped on, especially if you have saddlebags loaded in the back, one or two children on baby carriers fitted to the bike, or if you are wearing a costume or a skirt that you do not want to damage. With the manufacturing processes used today, low frames are just as rigid as high frames, don’t be fooled by these criteria that we do without in urban use.

The traditional women’s bicycle is designed with a gooseneck frame; it is easy to step over and allows you to ride whatever your outfit. There are even systems such as the Poupoupidou pliers, which prevent the “Marylin effect” when cycling.

The type of bicycle:

You will find among the wide range of urban bikes, some models resembling mountain bikes or road bikes, urban sport bikes. These bikes are often sleek, without mudguards, lighting, etc. These bikes are not really intended to transport, only to move, and quickly. They will suit some people, others not because of their position, often sporty. Among the other variants of city bike we can find the Dutch bike, standing out for its imperial position, its high vision, and its enveloped, hidden components. It will suit a number of people, as long as we stay on short, flat trips. These over-equipped bikes are designed for years and years of use, and therefore reinforced in every way. They are not the most comfortable uphill, we do not stop on this point, but rather on their comfort, which is only equaled by their elegance. Gazelle has been the flagship Dutch bicycle brand, distinguishing itself in the design and manufacture of these bikes for 125 years.