Sky3ds+ ultime user guide 2019

Hello everyone ! Thank you first for your order at If you already have your Sky3ds+ with 2 orange buttons in hand, we start quickly our tutorial for installation and use of the Sky3ds+. You will get started, as well as all its possibilities, you can play 3DS games natively (solo), or play online without risk and EUR version (3DS E-Shop games and import games will work too). This is the full and complete sky3ds plus guide.

1: Getting started with the Sky3ds+

You will need:

  • a 3DS / 2DS (Classic / New / XL etc.) Ver11.10.0-43E or lower
  • a Sky3ds+ (2 orange buttons)
  • an SD card (32GB would be pretty comfortable!)

2: Initial tutorial to play ROMS 3DS:

  1. On Windows, format your SD card into FAT32 with 64 clusters
  2. Download the firmware from the Sky3ds+ on the following link: http: //, then extract it, take the file firmware.bin (You can not go wrong, it’s the only one!), Put it at the root of your SD.
    Currently, the latest version is the V140!
  3. Put the SD in the Sky3ds+ and connect the cartridge with the USB provided on your PC, a sound will sound showing that the PC has recognized the device and the LED of the top of the flashcart will light up, ESPECIALLY not disconnect the flashcart during this short phase!
  4. once the LED is off, the PC will assume that the flashcart has finished its work and disconnects, you can remove the flashcart, remove the SD, put it back on the PC, delete the firmware file and copy your 3DS games (in .3ds format only), at the root of the sd card. We do not advise you to copy the games with the SD in the Sky3ds+, not that it is harmful for the flashcart, but the transfer rate of the flashcart is horribly slow, a USB SD card reader or SD adapter for Micro- SD will do a better job!

From there you should be able to play EUR games in offline mode without worry as for the R4 for DS!


  • The Sky3ds+ also supports the SD card in exFAT format, but this format is not recommended if you want to put a 3DS game over 4GB on the SD card, it is therefore obliged to format the SD card in exFAT.
  • When you insert the Sky3ds+ in the console for the first time, a setting.txt file will be created, you can not pay attention to it if you do not want to play online, but to its importance as soon as you want to play online with the roms 3Ds, and that, we’ll see it right after to …

3: Play online

To play 3DS online games, you must dump a private header, otherwise you risk ban by BigN.


First of all you have to know that with a Sky3ds+, without header, it is impossible to play online, there will automatically be an error message when trying to connect to online servers games!

The header is a hexadecimal code found in the official 3ds game cartridge. Each game has its own header. And when I say each game, it means for example that all Zelda game cartridges sold in the world have a different header, so each cartridge of each game has its own header to its cartridge!

The header allows you to connect online, so we go in the next step, enjoy the Skydock offered to recover this Header and copy an original cartridge in rom!

Here are the steps of manipulation:

  1. Insert the Sky3ds+ already installed with firmware V140 and an official cartridge into the SkyDock ports, offered with the Sky3ds+ card.
  2. Connect the Sky3ds+ to the PC via USB cable and the Sky3ds+ blue LED will flash a few times. savekeys.txt file will automatically occur in the flashcart sd card which is the private header usable to play online.
  3. Press the orange button on the Sky3ds+ and the red led will flash once. There will be a .cfg file and a file .sav created in the SD card.
  • The .cfg file is a private header for playing games in
  • The .sav file is used on Sky3ds+
  1. Keep pressing the orange button until the red LED starts flashing. The red LED will flash, then go green and then turn off, there will be a .3ds file in the SD card, the ROM that is “dumped” (copied) from the official cartridge. (The dump time depends on the size of the ROM).


  • The .cfg file supports only one ROM that allows to play games online. Copy paste the GAMESAVE_KEY in the settings.txt file to take advantage of the private header to the various games. (the settings.txt file is created at the first insertion of the sky3Ds into the console, this insertion step can be done at the end of the basic tutorial (see phase 2: Initial tutorial to play the 3DS ROMS)
  • The GameSaveKey to copy is the sequence of numbers after the “=” and just before the continuation of “F”.
  • Once done, you will be perfectly able to fight in long games online without fearing a Nintendo BAN!
  • Voila, you are now ready to dive into hours of Gaming with the best 3DS games you have downloaded, or “dumped” from an original cartridge of your loved ones!

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