Similarity Checker: Your thoughts Might Match, but your Content Need Not

With the huge amount of data available online, it’s possible for your content to be somewhat similar to previous published works on same topic. Unintentional plagiarism can also have serious consequences, if an online search engine marks it as copied content. Copyright infringement issues can also lead to legal hassles and further problems. 

Producing unique and absolutely original content is easier said than done. It is obviously essential to preserve integrity, promote creativity and circulation of right information. But, how to achieve this when thousands of people are creating stories on same topics for online platforms. 

Writers have tools like free plagiarism checkers that can track similarities in documents across an extensive online database of published and unpublished content. These platforms can notify writers when they miss citing an original source of information, or when unknowingly they end up writing same sentences or paragraphs, as other pieces of content. These are some of the most useful features, the best online plagiarism checkers have-

Multi-layered and Extensive Search Abilities

The best plagiarism detectors can check extensive sources for content duplicity to give you accurate results. Using modern technologies like AI and machine learning, free duplicate content checkers can detect different similarity types including paraphrased, identical and rearranged similar texts. For those who are creating articles, research papers and thesis submissions in the academic fields, such a feature is extremely helpful. Plagiarism checkers can sift through billions of published and unpublished academic journals and archives. Authenticity of content is further maintained, when such searches expand in terms of multiple languages as well. So, if you don’t find any similar content in English or French, you could end up with a Chinese journal which has published something similar to your article.

Automatic and Routine Scans through Integrated APIs

Tools that can easily integrate into various platforms, or are compatible on multiple devices provide high degree of flexibility. Open-source APIs with ready-to-use codes in different programming languages can serve this purpose. Your work can be continuously checked for similarities online, through automatic and routine scans. Moreover, it is also possible to scan physical documents by uploading a picture on your mobile plagiarism checker app. 

Cloud-Based Platform for 24/7 Security

The world is being driven by cloud computing. It offers people high degree of flexibility to work from any device and access their files and data on any platform, as long as they are connected to internet. Cloud-based plagiarism tools allow you to do your work, while the scanning process keeps on happening in the background. You could click a photo of a physical document to be scanned and stored in real-time, or simply include a URL link to scan the content on your website. Cloud based platforms can ensure high security and support for high workloads.

There are different ways in which your content can be similar to other texts online. Your text could be identical but in different order, or it could be a cumulative piece of information taken from different sources. Some of these similarities can be hard to detect, unless a free similarity checker is deployed. Additionally know when your content is being copied on different platforms; even in different languages. All these functions will help you maintain your authenticity and push you to publish more original ideas.