Signs That Indicate Your Website Is Boring

Be honest and ask yourself – is your website really interesting? Does your website have the stuff that could entice users and make them stay for a while? No? Then it is time to revamp your boring site. You have got only 50 milliseconds to make a first impression with your website.  This shows how important your website is.

The website is both an interactive and virtual medium, and it has great potential. So, there is no reason to settle for anything less than compelling. Having a boring site means you are losing your potential customers, and you cannot convert a visitor into a customer. A well-designed website plays a significant role in your SEO strategy and increase the likelihood of someone discovering your page on the web. If your website shows any of the following signs, it is time to create an interesting one.

High Bounce rate

Is your website gaining ranking but are they leaving quickly? Well, it is a tell-tale sign that indicates something is missing in your webpage. Having a bounce rate on your site will affect your SEO Sydney, and you don’t want it. When a high percentage of your visitors leave the site quickly instead of staying, the bounce rate increases and Google consider the bouncing rate for rankings. Some reasons may include too much text, no images, and even irrelevant contents.

Page Speed

Page speed is now one of the significant ranking factors. Websites with a longer load time tend to have high bounce rates. Your website must take only 3 seconds or less to load. Besides, Google penalises slow load webpage, and it affects your ranking. If your website takes a lot of time to load, it is time to increase the speed. Not, sure how to check the page speed and optimise it? Use Google’s page speed checker. If you have no idea how to increase your page speed, get help from the SEO Sydney experts.


The images on your website look good and high-quality? Do you have too many images that irrelevant to your business? The first thing people are likely to drawn to images and animations that are attractive and meaningful. Use high-quality images that relate to the content on your page.


Do you regularly update the content on your webpage? Does your website have blog posts that have high-quality contents that are relevant to your service? By regularly updating the contents, you can engage with your audience and Google will consider pages that regularly post contents on their website.

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