Last year was a memorable year in the world of smartphones when the PC Specialists Razer launched their first smartphone to make gaming on smartphones, an experience like never before. High-performance graphics, top-quality specifications and using the gaming technology in the smartphone arena to enhance the mobile gaming experience, that’s what made the Razor phone, a product to look forward to.

In the back end of 2017, Razor launched its first smartphone and it became quite a success. The next smartphone to is expected to be successful. It provides a refresh rate of 120 GHz which can provide a buffering free mobile experience.

The new model is expected to deliver better performance, almost by 30%. With features making gaming on smartphones pretty easy, Razer 2 will be much anticipated.

It has a black display with square edges, and a 16:9 aspect ratio. However, it doesn’t give any of those features without compensating for them. The price for Razer 2 is around $799, which is higher than the price of its previous handset. This is no exception in the Mobile Phone industry. Though the device is promising, questions have been raised on a price which seems to exceed the benefits of what it has to offer.

Its competitors like Pixel 3, OnePlus 6T, Samsung note 9 etc. seem to offer similar or better features in the same price range.

Design and Display

From the front, the device has not experienced significant changes from its predecessor. Sizable bezels are visible enveloping the quality speakers on either side of the display. To go with it, it has square edges and a side mounted power key along with a fingerprint scanner.

It’s when you flip the phone around, you notice the differences. It has a Gorilla glass 5 makeover. The camera has been shifted to a central position at the top on the back of the mobile phone.

Its sleek and elegant back also witnesses a light-up Razer logo, using brand’s trademark of RGM-Chroma. This new addition has not been liked by many users, as they call it “unsophisticated”. But this addition has something good to offer, as the intensity of its light tells the battery status of the phone. It can act as a notification signal too.

The edges are slightly more rounded and its aluminium frame is nice and rigid. Some of its other physical features include:

  • 158.5 × 78.99 × 8.5 mm size.
  • 5.72-inch display
  • USB-C being the only port on the handset.
  • A major criticism is the absence of a headphone jack, but it comes with 3.5mm-to-USB-C adaptor and features 24-bit DAC
  • Dual front stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos and digital 5.1 support.
  • 220 grams weight.

Therefore, the phone is not the heaviest or lightest either. You can still use it with one hand and enjoy its experience.

 It also allows wireless charging, but only when you buy $99 wireless charger.

In a nutshell, the design is nice and pleasing but not overwhelming, one can say. Changes have been made from the previous device, but not significant ones. However, powerful speakers, bold and tough aluminium design and RGB lights, still make it a nice smartphone, especially for gamers.

Its display, however, is considered to be one of the smoothest and most admirable amongst the smartphones going around. Its display is much brighter than its previous model. It adapts to both indoor and outdoor lighting and the user does not really strain his eyes while reading under the sun.

 Latency-free gameplay, a brightness of 645 nits, smooth scrolling, 8ms response rate, all these wonderful features make it a nice prospect.


It has a dual 12-megapixel camera, containing sensors. The main camera possesses optical image stabilization and the other camera is used for 2x optical zoom and portrait mode. Good light offers nice videos and photos, better than those of its previous model. Its camera has four options: portrait, photos, beauty and videos. It lacks pro-mode.

Portrait mode works well, separation of background and foreground is nice. Colours, highlights, shadows, contrast etc, all are well sorted. However, it’s competitors with the similar price range, OnePlus 6T, Samsung galaxy note 9, Google pixel 3, etc work equally well. In f,act, in some cases, they work better too.

Low light photography and lack of vibrancy are main issues that cameras still faces and for a high profile mobile phone, these problems need to be fixed.

Hence, the camera is good in itself, but relatively, it’s not extraordinary, to give this device an edge over competitors.


The battery is something, which forms the negative side of the smartphone. It’s 4,000 mAh battery life lasted only 9 hours and 16 minutes as compared to 11 hours and 32 minutes, the time, Razer 1 lasted for. In fact, some of its competitor phones lasted for even 15 hours. 4000 mAh, is present even in Redmi note 5 pro which is nowhere as expensive as Razer 2.

It’s operating at android 8.1 Oreo, and some expect it’s battery work to improve with an upgradation to android 9 pie.

However, as of now, battery work is a small disappointed as far as Razer 2 is concerned, and it doesn’t match with the price it has set.

Processor, Android and CPU.

Razer 2 comes with 2.8 GHz Snapdragon 845 processor, and a RAM of 8GB.  You could not have asked for more as far as CPU and processor are concerned. However, it’s a 64GB storage that is not worth for money. Although with an SD card it is expandable to 1TB, inbuilt storage is much lesser as compared to competitors’ 128GB.

Moreover, the device comes with 8.1 Oreo Android, and not the latest version, though, the phone is expected to soon get an update of Android 9 Pie.

Since it is claimed to be a phone for gamers, the device makers of Razer have added their Blade Laptop’s vapour chamber cooling technology to enable the device to counter technical and intense games. However, the tests have revealed, that the technique is not as efficient as it claims to be, as the device starts to get warm, generally after 30 minutes of gameplay.

120Hz of refresh rate is another unique quality of this device which takes it beyond the realm of buffering, stopping and pausing and makes swiping and scrolling much easier.

It’s speakers as mentioned above, are special again, no other phone will give you that quality. This could make gaming a riveting experience, but for a normal user, it’s impactful sounds could be at times, exasperating.

To make this phone go above the rest, the developers have also put IP67 water and dust resistance feature.


There can be no denying of the fact that, it’s an innovative thing, to make a gaming phone. In fact, it is quite a spectacle with its speakers, display, design and RGB lights. Therefore, one can look forward to this device. However, considering the price it sets, its normal smartphone features like camera, battery, storage, Android, etc are surely not at par with its competitors. Therefore, the phone is good but the price it sets may exceed the benefits it provides.

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