Should I Program My App for Android or iOS first?

If you are building an app with a Salt Lake City mobile app development company, choosing between iOS or Android is just one of the first decisions you will need to make.

Though your company’s goal may be to start development on both platforms, it is insecure and costly to construct a concurrent program for iOS and Android.

Instead, most Salt Lake City developers decide to construct a single-stage program and then launch the app on the opposite platform after the app’s initial version is established and effective.

How can you choose whether your company should develop your mobile app on Android or iOS first?

There are pros and cons to developing on either mobile platform, but the choice boils down to five variables:



Wanted features

Budget for your mobile app

Revenue target

If you’re still having trouble deciding, be sure to talk to your local Salt Lake City iOS and Android app developer.

When to Choose Android:

Demographic Statistics to Consider:

Android mobile devices possess the biggest global market share

This OS is currently leading to up-and-coming global markets, such as Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Consumers are more inclined to work in specialized occupations.

Men tend to favor Android mobile devices

Android consumers are slower to embrace new working systems. One study discovered over 50 percent of users were conducting an operating system over two years old.

Earnings from Android are increasing. Although Apple is expected to remain the dominant App Store, Google Play and third-party shops are expected to overtake the App Store revenue-wise.

Things to consider about the development process:

Since Android is open-source, there is more Your Salt Lake City development company flexibility to personalize your programming– establishing the qualities and functions your audience needs.

This spacious environment makes this mobile OS much more vulnerable to pirate programs and malware.

Salt Lake City developers programming for Android might need to spend more time making sure your mobile app stays compatible with the stage and preventing crashes and bugs for customers running older operating systems.

When to Choose iOS:

Demographic Statistics to Consider:

Apple dominates for client spending. If your crowd is in Western Europe or North America, or whether you’re an e-commerce or business mobile app, developing on Apple might be a much better option.

IOS is greatest for affluent, young audiences from Western Europe, Australia, and North America

IPhone users tend to be affluent, earning 40 percent more than the typical Android consumer.

IOS consumers are generally younger, with a larger share of the 18-24-year-old sector.

Women are more inclined to utilize iPhones

Apple consumers are more inclined to get higher education degrees.

Apple users are usually in managerial and professional jobs.

IOS has more insight into the business market as a result of a reputation for improved safety.

Apple users are far more engaged in their mobile devices and spend more on apps.

IOS consumers are more inclined to store and make purchases with their mobile devices.

Apple consumers are more inclined to upgrade their operating platforms.

Should you wish to monetize your program with no advertisements, via subscriptions, orfreemium versions, then developing with Apple might be your very best option. The same applies to e-commerce programs. Your Salt Lake City

Things to consider about the development process:

Creating a mobile program for iOS is faster and less costly.

One reason iOS is much easier to develop is your code. Swift, Apple’s official programming language, requires less code than its counterpart.

Apple has stricter principles and quality expectations and also a lengthier review procedure. Therefore it could take longer for programs to be accepted.

Apple is generally regarded as more stable because of its closed nature, which is mainly why iOS has a bigger audience in the venture marketplace.

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