Set Up Digital Project Processes In A Corporate Environment

Whether your marketing campaigns and activities only focus in the Hong Kong market, or your business has been pushing the product or service to the whole of Asia market or even the global market, when overseeing and/or running all the internet marketing activities, you are required to take care of a lot of items. Most important you will need to set up an entire project plan that goes across with the internet tech department and your marketing teams.

The initial strategy is usually to start with setting up the required elements the local market and focus on digital marketing in Hong Kong. Gradually, you will add a second market, a third, and more. By then you will have to build up your internet marketing department and teams with the required skills to run marketing activities for each channel.

Often your major competitors may launch many different marketing activities over the years. The new competitors (from some startup companies) may emerge from time to time, trying to dig a piece of gold from your already severely crowded industry or niche. As a digital person, you must stay abreast of current trends, emerging technologies, competitors, developments, and more.

You will have to work with the tech development team, lead and oversee projects of digital solution projects including web-based applications, mobile application, CRM system development and integration. Even you may have to come across the newly emerging tools including chatbot development and integration onto your online ecommerce website.

At the same time you will need to face the all the major stakeholders of the company (i.e. they are your internal clients who are probably people to pay the bills of the projects). You will be responsible as the project safeguard guy and must ensure the requirements and desired features are aligned, achievable and delivered on time in the specific business environment.

During the process, you will be required to often work closely with the design team, tech development team, and probably some digital consultants (from external). This is to ensure business requirements are developed correctly and they are meeting the acceptance criteria.

Each company should have its own process that is customized to its own needs. It is highly important that you lead the line to establish digital project management workflow and methods. This will involve creating all the documents for operational processes, design options, and recommendations for the life cycle of products.